How to take completely unflattering photos of yourself

Last nights workout:

3 miles in 32:50 (10:57 pace)

HILL workouttttt! I had absolutely no plan for this workout. I just ran til it hurt, then upped the speed and incline. Apparently I like a good ass kicking.


I got a delivery from my BFF, Mr. Postman. He decided to bring me compression running pants and capris and a running jacket with a hood! It’s love.

Anyways, I wanted to take a picture of them for you, but I was home alone so I had to take it myself. I had three takes and ALL three were so incredibly unflattering that I could do nothing but share them.


First try… And you get a fabulous picture of my knees and cankles. I know you’re jealous.


Why hello belly and thunda thighs.

And last but not least…


Oh yes. That just happened. It looks like I am standing in front of one of those funhouse mirrors that make you look short and fat. But oh no, that is alllll me and my professional camera skills.

I should not quit my day job.

Regardless of how they look in pictures, I loveee my new capris (haven’t worn the pants yet). They aren’t very compression-ie but they are cozy and surprisingly flattering. You would never believe it, huh!

Do you ever wear compression pants?



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2 responses to “How to take completely unflattering photos of yourself

  1. i have a pair of 2XU compression tights, but i only wear them after my longs runs, have yet to run in them

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