Cold and Copycats

Happy Fridayyyy!!!!

I got a rather frightening email from the Seattle Marathon. It started a little like this:

Seattle Marathon Hypothermia


This is a little out of my knowledge base. I know sunburns and sunscreen, NOT layering while running! It has started to get pretty dang chilly lately too.

The other morning, I got out to my car to discover my windshield was frozen over!!! My neighbor proceeded to use this device to scrape the ice off. I was amazed. I’ve never witnessed anything like that before. It’s the little things in life…

[I have magical ice scraping powers!]

I will be picking me up one of them from Target tonight.

With it being so cold, it is really starting to feel like Christmas time. I seriously love it. I will be decorating for Christmas this weekend. It is never too early to get in the spirit… just ask Starbucks.


In completely unrelated news… Who wore it better?


Yep, my dress is famous.

Wow, this is an extremely random post. It is Friday, so I am pretty sure random is allowed. 11 miles on tap this weekend. Once again, I will be using my bloggy friends as motivation as some hit some major milestones this weekend.

Good luck to Paula and Michelle as they run their very first marathon! Good luck to all the others who are running NYC and Savannah!! You are all fab!



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10 responses to “Cold and Copycats

  1. Hahah you have never used an ice scraper before?! I wish I have never had the need for one…unfortunately I grew up in Canada 😦 Just wait till your doors on your car freeze shut too 🙂

  2. Starbucks holiday cups!!!! LOVE!

  3. You definitely wore it better (I know a few people who had no idea that Gwen was Cinderella!) 🙂

    Thank you for the shout out!!!!!

  4. Never with the ice scraper, huh? Glad you grabbed one from Target- I was there yesterday and saw them in the dollar section and thought of you.

    Don’t worry- in my 5 years here, it hasn’t yet been cold enough to freeze car doors shut. Where I grew up (Montana) is a whole different story- most people there plug there cars in so they start up the next morning (well, they plug in the magnetic oil pan heater, but it really just looks like you’re plugging in your car).

    I hope your 11 miles went well!

  5. sipsandsteps

    LOL.. you have never seen an ice scrapper before? I’m originally from Massachusetts and they are a requirement for your car almost year round! LOL Not so much here in NC but we do get a little use out of it throughout the winter!

    LOVE your costume.. that is awesome!

    I’ve caught the running bug and am training for my first half in the Spring.. Any advice you can share? Gear/clothing you’ve grown to love for running? Anything? LOL!

    • Hey girl! I have been meaning to comment on your blog but I’m never on my computer and I can’t do it from my phone! That is SO exciting! I am so glad you are loving running! My biggest suggestions are to make sure you have good shoes an socks and DON’T run in cotton! Also make your life easier and register for a half that isn’t super hilly. My first one was and it KILLED me. I can’t wait to hear all about your journey!

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