Seattle Half Marathon Training: Week 4

Wow this training is flying by! 4 weeks down, 3 to go. On top of that, only one more long run!


Last weeks training went reasonably well. I am quite happy with it.

Tuesday: Cross/strength training
Wednesday: 3 miles of hills in 32:50
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 11 miles in 2:09:23
Sunday: 4.2 miles on the bike plus 2 miles running plus 100 side to sides

This weeks long run was interesting. I literally did all the things you should NOT do before running long distances.

– Ate spicy chicken for lunch the day before
– Ate papa johns pizza the night before INCLUDING 2 buffalo wings
– Ate chocolate donettes for breakfast

– Sat on my ass all afternoon
– Ate peanut butter sandwich (good) and way too many Cooler Ranch Doritos (bad)
– Did not start running until 6:30 pm

Despite how badly I tried to destroy every chance of having a good run, I survived those damn 11 miles. My ankles hurt, my knee was hurting, and I so desperately wanted to call it quits early, but I kept thinking about all those bad asses that powered through 26.2 miles that day. It absolutely is what gave me motivation to keep chugging along. So, thank you to all the marathoning bad asses that were out there this weekend.


I didn’t have any more Nuun for this run so I did a half powerade zero half water mixture that worked reasonably well. I like Nuun better but this got the job done.

Total Mileage for the week: 16!!

That’s what I’m talkin about!!

Next week is my last ‘high’ mileage week, then I start to simmer down for the big day.

Is it weird that one thing I’m looking forward to most about the race is getting a space blanket at the end?! I have never been in a race that has them. They totes remind me of the Jetsons.


I love me some tin foil for a blanket!

Who ran this weekend? Tell me about how bad ass you are!



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3 responses to “Seattle Half Marathon Training: Week 4

  1. I ran this weekend, but it was far from bad ass!! It was only 6K with my puppy who likes to sniff everything and poop every 5 minutes, haha. But I got out there and did it!

    Ps- your place looks really nice! Do you guys rent or did you buy?

  2. Ha! One of the things Paula and I were looking forward (you know, besides finishing) to most were those mylar blankets after the race. They really do keep you warm!!

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