Racing Rain Gear

Last nights workout:

Bike: 7.4 miles in 30:07
4×30 sec static crunch
100 side to sides
2×25 squats

I was going to run last night, but I made the stupid mistake of wearing heels to work on a running day. The ball of my left foot feels absolutely bruised because these particular shoes were quite unforgiving. So, I decided to switch some days around and do my cross training last night.


The bike ended up being a fabulous substitution and I will make sure to wear flats today.


I don’t have a real rain jacket to run in. As you could guess, that is quite problematic for Seattle. I have a couple moisture wicking 1/4 zip long sleeve jackets, but if it’s really raining I would end up soaked and freezing. I asked around, scoured the interwebs, spoke to the MIL and ultimately decided on this beauty:


I had a gift card that covered almost all of the cost, so it only ended up costing like $10! Dang, I love gift cards! Anyways, she will be making an appearance on race day in TWO and a half weeks! I am thinking pink shorts on top of black running tights with white jacket and pink Flair Band… What do you think?

I never got around to fully decorating for Christmas this past weekend, but I DID get one thing out:


Bath and Body Works, for the win! πŸ™‚ I love how adorbs their new candle holders are! My house will be fully decked out this weekend FOR SURE!

Happy hump day everyone!



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6 responses to “Racing Rain Gear

  1. You’re trying to decorate for Christmas already? Girl, I need you around my house stat.

  2. Oh, those pumpkins SAVED me in Savannah. It was the only sweet thing I had to eat the WHOLE time because one trip for ice cream. This girl needs her sweets! I’m almost done with the package, needless to say. πŸ™‚

  3. sipsandsteps

    I’ve been fighting back the urge to decorate for Christmas.. Being in our new house we have all of this space and I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas.. It’s always been a family rule not to decorate until after Thanksgiving.. and since we are hosting it this year I’m abstaining.. BUT rest assured once everyone is gone on that Friday the decorations will be up!

    Such a cute jacket.. I just got into running and am still trying to figure what gear I like.. NC is so weird, one minute it’s 30’s the next it’s 70’s.. Agh!

    • You can always sneak a few Christmas decorations in here and there! haha πŸ˜‰ I love Christmas so much that I have NO problem just blowing right by Turkey Day!

      Dang, that is hard weather to dress in! You should try arm sleeves! You can have them on for when it is 30 and easily roll it down when it gets warmer! πŸ™‚

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