Training Makes Me Look Like Hell

Last nights workout:

Rest day!!!

I decided that I am going to head home just slightly earlier than normal (which means going to work earlier) so that I can come home and knock out my 12 miles before the weekend even really starts! I’m actually kind of excited about it.

I have never ran 12 miles before. During my training for my first two half marathons, I only got up to slightly over 10 miles. Something always happened from preventing me from hitting that 12 mile mark in training runs. Then, during the races, I died out at about the 10 mile mark. Coincidence? I think not. This time will be different. I will get that 12 miler in!!



I was just browsing through photos on my phone the other day and I stumbled upon some real beauties like this one:


And this one:


I swear I can’t take a normal picture. Apparently my sister has the same genes.

Then I found my freshly painted toes from PRE half Mary training.


Why I took a picture of my toes, I have no idea. BUT it is interesting to make a comparison. Ladies and gents, THIS is what running does to you.

And I consider myself lucky! Afterall, I have all my toenails. It is amazing what we put ourselves through.

Anyways… This weekend should be fun! Wine tasting party with cousie D, FINAL long run, decorating, and preparations for crazy friend C to come visit! Can’t wait!

What is one sign that you are in the middle of training?


You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend you guys. Get out there and get your bodies moving!!!



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11 responses to “Training Makes Me Look Like Hell

  1. My one sign is my toe nails too! Except there’s usually a few bruises, and those callouses on the fronts of my toes.

  2. Love that last picture 🙂

    I’m a mess when training. Effed up nails. Acne-laden back and face. Extra pounds (which I like to blame on my super huge bulging muscles). Training is so awesome!

  3. Good luck with the 12er!

    Middle of training = Horrific tanlines and horrible callouses that I’m afraid to try to tame.

  4. Sam

    I love all your goofy faces.. You crack me up!!! And 12 miles!?!? Sheesh. Your amazing!

  5. runforwine

    I would kill for my feet to look like that! I hope your 12 went great!

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