Freezing Balls for Boys

Last nights workout:

5.7 miles on the bike at resistance level 5… Feel the burrrrn.

I only had a little bit of time to work out last night, so I wanted to do something super effective. I decided to ride the bike at a much higher resistance level than I am used to. My legs felt like lead after! It was fabulous.


Tonight, I will be sitting outside for a few hours in the freezing (almost literally) cold while it is raining. Oh, and there is the possibility of SNOW…

Why the heck would someone do this to themselves? Two reasons:



Good enough reason for me!!! I will glad me freeze my balls off (figuratively speaking of course… All girl here 😉 ) to watch some sexy boys. And you better believe I will be sporting my authentic Forks Spartans shirt. Oh yes, we are legit Twi-hards at Skipping in Seattle.


Wish me luck that I don’t catch hypothermia!! 🙂

Are you a Twi-hard?


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  1. I’m seeing the movie on Sunday! Can’t wait!

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