Go big or go home

So, uh, I just realized I run a half marathon in 5 days. Damn, 7 weeks flies by!

I decided now is the time to set some goals. My current PR is 2:45:13. That’s a 12:37 pace. Each race, I have absolutely died out at about mile 10.

Goal A: Finish the race in one piece. It IS a friggin half marathon afterall!

Goal B: Finish in 2:45:12 – Get a PR no matter how small. This should be attainable. All my training runs were in the 11’s for pace.

Goal C: 2:30 – This has been a half Mary goal of mine from the very first race I ran. With all the hills, this will be pretty hard for me to do, but GO BIG OR GO HOME!!

One thing that will be a big plus is that this is the first race that I will be running with someone every step of the way. My MIL is such an inspiration too that I think it will do nothing but help push me harder.

At the RnR San Diego, I ran with her up til mile 4. That is when the halfers and the fullers split. Those 4 miles absolutely FLEW by! I couldn’t believe I was already almost 1/3 of the way done. I have a feeling this race will be the same way. Except I get her company the WHOLE way!! 🙂

Forecast for Sunday… Rain. Yep. Rain. Awesome. This will be my first race in the rain. I’m just hoping my new jacket has special powers and keeps me cozy and dry!


Yep, it’s definitely winter in Seattle!

Anyone running the half or full on Sunday? If you see me, say hi and let’s get a pic together! 🙂



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2 responses to “Go big or go home

  1. I was planning to run the full but sadly will not be running at all. BUT, I will be there to cheer people through the finish!

    Do NOT let the hills psych you out! You live here so you do those hills all the time. Just focus on moving forward and you won’t notice so much. Really. You’re going to have a great run!

  2. You are going to freaking rock it. And of course your jacket has super powers. Seattle rain doesn’t stand a chance. Gooooood luck!

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