Manny and Carlito = <3!

Oh Vegas… Where do we start?!

We arrived in LV at about 5:30pm after a short 2 hour plane flight. We headed straight to our hotel at Aria. That place is super swanky!


The curtains opened with a push of a button. We were on the 27th floor with a great view of the freeway.


Our shower was RAD. I want to build a shower tub thing like this in our future house. Loved it.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we all got gussied up to get the night started. We started off by doing jäger bombs in this small little bar in Aria (Known as the Manny & Carlito bar the rest of the trip thanks to our fab bartenders.).


That’s when Carlito informed us that Gary Payton was sitting next to us. My first thought was ‘Who is Gary Payton?’ Turns out he was a super awesome basketball player for Seattle’s old basketball team! Now if only I could meet a celeb I recognized…

After a couple more drinks, we HAD to take pictures.


Why HELLO gold dress!

Apparently dressing like a hooch gets you free stuff in Vegas. I got our group free entry into Haze in Aria both nights. We only went the second night. The first night we went to an 80s dance club called Gold, hence the necessity for the gold dress. It was AWESOME!!! The DJ was fantastic. He mixed the music flawlessly.


Ignore my ridiculous grin.

We danced our booties off. Even hubs shook his groove thang. It was a blast! After a while, my feet were miserable. I needed to go back to our room and take my dang heels off. So, we called it a night.

Up Next: Double Sided Tape is Genius.



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3 responses to “Manny and Carlito = <3!

  1. A freeway view? Lucky…

    (Said in a Napolean Dynamite voice)

  2. Look at your sparkly self 🙂

  3. You look so cute!!! If only we had made plans to meet up. MAJOR FAIL.

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