When a taxi became a limo

Hubs and I woke up on Sunday with one thing on our mind… Breakfast. We were starving. After checking out the places in Aria, we decided we needed a buffet. What better place to get a buffet brunch than the Bellagio.


5 words… All you can drink mimosas.


It was awesome because a man asked how many were in our party and since it was just us two for brunch, we got to skip well over an hour wait in line and sit in the bar. Closer to the booze, that’s what I’m talkin about.

After about 3 huge dishes full of food including an omelet, French toast, bacon, shrimp cocktail, watermelon, cheesecake, an eclair, and other goodies, I decided it was absolutely necessary to finish my breakfast off with this:

And some more mimosa of course.

After our bellies were too full for their own good, we headed to do some gambling. I’m not big on gambling, like at all. But I am very much into the free drinks you get while gambling… It makes that $20 I lost so worth it!

After about an hour at the video poker games, 2 MORE glasses of champagne, and $.01 left out of my $20, hubs and I headed up to our room to get ready for the night.

After absolutely torturing my feet the previous two nights, I decided to wear my sparkly black Toms with my last dress. It wouldn’t have the same look I was going for, but it would still be fab.


Hmmm… Somebody is tipsy!

We all went to Mario Batalli’s restaurant in the Palazzo. We took a cab there and I got to see all the runners flying by! It gave me anxiety just thinking about what they were going through. You all rock!

Once we got to the restaurant, we decided to do a family style thing and have several items to share over several courses. Of course that meant we needed a different wine pairing with each course. Let’s just say, it was a good time for EVERYONE!


We headed toward the cabs feeling mighty good. When we got outside the Palazzo, there were tons of taxis and then a limo. The guy asked if we wanted the limo… Why yes, sir, that is EXACTLY what we want. For some reason, we ALL thought it would be a fabulous idea to take a limo back to our hotel. $69 later and 5 minutes later, we arrived back at Aria. Ya, that really happened.


The rest of the night is fuzzy, but we definitely went over to the Monte Carlo and played Black Jack. After being up quite a big, hubs decided to go big or go home and put $75 on his last hand. Yaaaa, definitely lost. Hahaha.

At this point, it was about 3 am so it was definitely time to hit the sack so we could catch our flight the next afternoon.


We made it back to Seattle safe and sound and our livers are slowly but surely recovering. It was definitely a fabulous trip and I’m so glad we went. Now I need to plan our next vacay!


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