Bumble Bee Foods 5k Race Recap

This is the second time I have ran the Bumble Bee Foods 5k down in San Diego. It has started to be a tradition for my friends and family. The best part is that our group keeps expanding.

The race starts at 9:45 am but we all met at my moms house at 7 am so that we would have ample time to pick up bibs and be camera whores. We parked down at Seaport Village and the pictures commenced.



At about 8:15 we headed to the race start. The cool thing about this race is that if you register before a certain date and live in Southern California, then they mail your race bib to you! Unfortunately for me, I had to pick mine up the day of the race. The lines were super short though so it was NBD.

After teaching everyone how to put on their timing chips, we took even more pictures.



SO cool that our shoe circle is growing!



With all the pictures we took, we were so glad we left so early. There was only about 20 minutes of downtime until the race start!

I planned in running this race step by step with my mama again this year. Last year was her very first race and she ran it in 42:17. This year she trained harder and was SO ready to kick some bumble bee butt.

Before we knew it, the race started. I made sure to pay close attention to our pace because last year we started way too fast. We were going steady at a 11:50-12:00 pace. I ran ahead to snap pictures.



We made it over a mile before taking a quick walk break. I was seriously proud of my Madge.


Goodness it was a beautiful day.

We started back up after just a few seconds and worked on tackling mile 2!



After hitting mile 2, we took another quick little walk break and began tackling the last mile.

We ran along the water the last mile. It was gorg. It was about 70 degrees of pure perfection.


Before we knew it, we were crossing the finish line hand in hand with a brand spanking new PR for my mama. We finished in 39:26!! Almost a whole 3 minute PR!!

I absolutely love this race. It is a beautiful course through downtown San Diego. And it just keeps getting better every year. Last year they didn’t have timing chips or race photogs but this year they did! It is a great excuse to get together with family and friends and do something exciting and fun.

We will definitely be doing it next year too. I’m seriously so proud of my mama. Running isn’t her favorite thing in the world but she seriously kicked booty.



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3 responses to “Bumble Bee Foods 5k Race Recap

  1. Sam

    That looks like so much fun!! SD is soo pretty. I need to book a trip there!

  2. It is so much fun to make memories with your mom. Way to go girl!!

  3. runforwine

    Awesomeness all around!

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