And another thing…

I have another goal in mind for 2012. Cousie D recently redid her bedroom to make it look über chic and it totally inspired me. I love the way the downstairs portion of our house looks but upstairs is so boring. I have a plan for 2012: Operation make upstairs look pretty!

Most of our walls upstairs are kind of a beige color. It was way better than white, but I am having a hard time incorporating color. I am having especially a hard time with our bedroom. It’s just… so… Brown!

I love browns, but I am way over our brown bedspread.


I loved it for a solid 2 years but it is time to go our separate ways. Now, I am thinking I REALLY want a slate gray comforter and incorporate white and RED! Yesss!

I have stumbled upon some amazing bedding sets but the ones I want are always out of stock in a California King bed. Don’t lie, you totally busted out some Rihanna right there, didn’t you?!


I want!! I NEED!!

I made a trip to Pier 1 during my lunch break from my 15 hour work day. Yes, you read that right. 15 hours. I purchased a couple items, but I couldn’t find any artwork that I loved. One thing I did find was this:

I think it made a great addition to our bathroom. AND it was on clearance! SCORE!!

What do you purchase when your house is in need of color? Artwork? Candles?

Lastly, I will leave you with this gem.




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4 responses to “And another thing…

  1. runforwine

    I love a grey, white, red color scheme. That will definilty update a drab bedroom. Excited to see how it turns out.

  2. I am so in love with grey. My goal for the year is to decorate my spare room. Right now it is storage and looks oh so good. Time for a new pinterest board!

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