Donuts in the street

Last nights workout:

Ride the bike 12 miles in 49:10
2×25 lunges
3×30 sec static crunch
100 side to sides

Lots of stretching!!


I was kinda crabby last night so I knew I desperately needed a good ass kicking. I have only had pretty mild workouts over the past couple weeks. I was due. I decided to make my legs my bitch. They desperately need the most work, so work them I did.


Off to a pretty dang good start!


So, my trip to San Diego was amazing. It pretty much stayed 75 degrees the whole time. I soaked up every minute of it. On Christmas eve, I got to meet my great nephew for the very first time!


Omg he is perfect. I was in baby heaven. It seriously gave me baby fever for like 10 seconds. Then I snapped out of it and realized I am still young. I had so many people come up to me while I was holding him that said a baby looks good on me. Oh dear… My MIL was holding him and goes ‘Yep, I could see myself as a grandma.’ My sister’s MIL checks my stomach every time I see her. Hate to break it to you guys… I’m not done being a newlywed yet! And YES 2 years still makes us newlyweds!! šŸ™‚

On the Monday after Christmas, I went over to my sisters new house to check it out. That is when I got to play with the best toy ever.


Santa, that is on my list for next year!

They may look like regular big wheels, but they are far from it. The back wheels can spin in circles! What does that even mean? Let me explain…

Imagine pedaling as fast as your little big legs can take you. After a couple seconds you make a sharp turn and take your legs off the pedals simultaneously. Next thing you know, you are doing donuts on a big wheel. YES, legit donuts.

After seeing how ridiculously awesome these things were, I got my sister to go on it too.


And then MY MOM!!!!


How freaking adorable is she?!

The rest of our time was pretty low key. We ate a lot of Mexican food, lots of in n out, lots of Mona Lisa Pizza, lots of friends, lots of fun, and LOTS of Zoey time!!


Aww I miss my Zo Zo!!

It was a great holiday vaca and the week absolutely flew by. Luckily, I think we got to do and see all the things we really wanted. Next trip to Cali will either be Palm Springs or Disneyland! šŸ™‚

What did Santa bring you?



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4 responses to “Donuts in the street

  1. Santa brought me a heated snuggie!!! I never want to leave the couch again…

  2. Santa brought me a flat iron and a lot of champagne šŸ™‚ He knows me so well!

    Your nephew is adorable. Definitely don’t rush the babies — they are so fulfilling, but being a newlywed is too!

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