Pinning on Pinterest

Last nights workout:

1 mile in 10:00 flat (included 3 minute walking warmup and 7 minutes of running straight between 6.5-7.5 mph
.1 mile cool down

3.6 miles on the bike in 15:00


I had one goal in mind for last nights workout. I wanted to run fast for longer than 5.5 minutes. I was going to stop at 6 minutes because I was having a hard time, but I was SO close to hitting that 1 mile mark that I decided just to go for it. A whole 7 minutes babyyyy!


Ever since I have decided to redecorate my upstairs, I have been obsessed with Pinterest. There are SO many great ideas out there. Just check out some of my finds:





Ahhh it seriously makes me want to go shipping right this second!

Cousie D said she wanted to go shopping with me for decor. I am ecstatic because I absolutely love her style. I desperately need her expertise! Be ready for a post of our shopping adventures on Monday!

Thank goodness today is Friday. I has been a LONG week. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on. AND I have a lot of books to read. Almost done with #4 of 2012!

P.S. absolute best way to pass your time on the bike. Read your kindle! It completely covers up the screen and keeps my mind off how much my legs are burning.

So what’s the haps for the weekend. Any good runs planned?! Any Bud Light Limes being consumed?


Happy Friday from the girl who can’t take a normal picture!



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8 responses to “Pinning on Pinterest

  1. Congrats on the time!

    You’re so cute in your pictures!

  2. I refuse to go on Pinterest. I know I’ll be addicted. I just know it.

  3. Sam

    Congrats on the time!! And I love these.decor.ideas!!
    What books.have you read.already???

  4. #4? What have you been reading? Sounds like I need to get in on this.

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