Extreme makeover: My bedroom edition

Well folks, I did it!! I redid my bedroom this weekend!

Saturday, I was down and out with a bad head cold, but I felt much better come Sunday. Cousie D and I moseyed on over to Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshall’s, Target, and Pier 1. Way too much money and a lot of fun later, I had pretty much everything I needed.

Take a look at our new paradise. Sorry for the crappy pics. It was awful lighting late at night.


TA-DAAAA!!! I still have a couple more things I need to buy but it is SO close to being done!


Hubs nightstand. I am going to add a couple 4×6 black frames to accompany the 8×10. It definitely needs just a little more ooomph. And no, I have not put any real pictures in the frames yet haha.


My nightstand with a delicious smelling candle from Pier 1. Mmmmmm.


Up close shot of the raddest frame ever. It matches one of the pillows on our bed EXACTLY!


Yes, I definitely spent a small fortune in pillows, but they absolutely make the whole bedroom. They add major character.


Our dresser! I’m in love with how this turned out. So pretty. 🙂

Things left to do:

– Buy one more lamp to match the one on hubs nightstand. The target by me only had one but I’m in love with it.

– Get shelving from Cousie D and put it on the big wall.

– Take back the throw that is on the end of our bed. It is too cream instead of white and I decided I need a black and red throw anyways.

– Buy this picture I have had my eye on that is for sell at Pike Place market. It would match our room PERFECTLY.

That should do it!! Then I just have the spare bedroom and office to finish up before my new years resolution is done!!! Wooo for progress!



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17 responses to “Extreme makeover: My bedroom edition

  1. Leigh

    Looks fantastic! Want to come do our bedroom? It needs some serious help!

  2. Love it!! We need to go shopping together!

  3. Very nice! This inspires me to actually decorate my spare room. Instead of use it as storage…

  4. Sam

    I love it! I love the red and black color combo. You did a fantastic job!!! I love love love Target and Pier 1. They are both deadly to the bank account!

  5. runforwine

    You redecorated a room in a weekend?! I don’t know what’s more impressive, that or how great the room looks 🙂

  6. So pretty! My hubs would not be cool with all those pillows. LOL He gets mad at the ones we have to take off our bed every night. *sigh* Give me tips on how to get your man to love throw pillows, please.

    • HAHA That is the one thing hubs was apprehensive about. He was afraid that our room would end up being a pillow explosion all the time, but I just told him having a pretty bed will make me want to make it every single day because I want to come home to it looking pretty! You could always just sneak a couple here and there haha By the time he gets used to having one extra pillow, then add another! 😉

  7. It looks really cute! I love all of the pillows. Definitely inspires me to want to change up our bedroom. We’ve had the same Ikea duvet for a while now, and it’s getting pretty bleh!

  8. Pretty!!! I love those colors. My bedroom is sadly the least decorated in the house. We’ve lived there 6 years and I we have literally done NOTHING to it! It’s sad that our guest room looks better. Someday 🙂

    • I TOTALLY know how that is. This is the first time I have had a place that I have actually decorated. I have such a hard time deciding on how I want things to look that by the time I actually decide, it is time for us to move! Such a vicious cycle! haha

  9. I am in love with that picture frame (and the whole room looks great too!). I saw some picture frames like that at Target today and I totally almost bought them!

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