4 letter word that starts with ‘S’

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on our new and improved bedroom! I can’t wait to take better pictures once it is really really done.


This morning, hubs and I left our house to go to work and we were dumbfounded with an amazing surprise outside. It was SNOWING!!!!! I was so giddy that I was literally jumping up and down. Our first snow in Seattle!! It lasted a whole 30 seconds!!!

Yeah, it was kind of a buzzkill. I got in my car all excited and by the time I got my car turned on and dialed my moms number to tell her the exciting news, IT STOPPED. Bummer. But it was so pretty.


It has barely even rained here so far this winter. The terrible winters that I have been hearing about have been no where in sight. I want some snow, damnit! And by snow, I mean stick to the ground once while I am in the comfort of my home, with a hot cocoa in hand and don’t have to drive anywhere. Is that so much to ask for? Afterall, as soon as we get one good snow, I know this will be me:


Desperately wanting snow, I decided to check weather.com to check out the forecast. Wait a sec. What is this I see?!?! Could it be?!?! SNOW!!!


Looks like I may be working from home some days next week if mother nature doesn’t change her mind. WOOOO!

Does it snow where you live?!

P.S. Due to the fact that I am dying* of the plague** I took another rest day today. Figured I’d give the germies one more chance to get out of me. Tomorrow I have a major ass whooping planned.

* Probably not dying
** Pretty sure it’s just a really bad cold



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3 responses to “4 letter word that starts with ‘S’

  1. The weather has been so weird in PDX. It was freezing before Christmas, then it was mild. It’s supposed to be really cold this weekend though. But clear. No snow. Blech.

  2. Haha you come live here and have snow at least 6 months out of the year combined with really cold weather. Want to trade? Feel better soon!

  3. It’s supposed to snow starting SUNDAY now!! Please please please no work on Tuesday!

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