I Run for Races

Last nights workout:

Ran 1.25 miles in 12:08 (9:42 pace) that included a 2 minute warmup
Walked .11 mile cool down 2:00
Biked .6 miles on the bike for a cool down 3:00

Last nights 1.25 mile run was HARD. I am still really pushing myself though and I am seeing definite progress. I started with a 2 minute warm up of walking and jogging. I wanted to run hard without stopping for 8 minutes, but at 7 minutes I had to stop to catch my breath. I stopped for about 30-45 seconds and then hopped up on the ‘ol mill again for another 3:08 to finish 1.25 miles in a total of 12:08. This is the first time I have completed a run where my pace was in the 9’s! I’d say that is a definite milestone.

After my run, I wanted to cool down with some easy miles on the bike. After about 3 minutes, I had to stop and lay down. I seriously thought I was going to see my lasagna and veggies again. Note to self: Don’t scarf down a delicious dinner and then expect to be able to run your ass off 30 minutes later.


I think I have found my first race of 2012! Rebecca (@lulurunnerlove) asked me to join her and some other running gals for the Valentines Day Dash 5K.


It is in Greenlake which is GORG! It is $30 (pretty standard for a 5K) and you get a long sleeve shirt. I absolutely LOVE getting long sleeve shirts for races. I have so many short sleeve tech tees that a long sleeve is always a welcome addition to my race swag collection.

[Not mine, but pretty dang close.]

Any Seattle-ites running this 5K?

One thing that always works to motivate me to work out hard is having a race scheduled. I know that I want to absolutely CRUSH my 5K PR (31:16) so I definitely have some work to do in order to be ready. The race is 3.5 weeks out, which should give me plenty of time to be ready if not REALLY close to ready as long as I am consistent with my workouts.

A race is seriously all the motivation I need to get out there and work out. Run to lose weight, be fit, etc?!?! Psshh! Run to cross that finish line and get a tshirt while I’m at it?! SOLD!!

What is one thing that is a guaranteed motivation for you?

When is your next race?



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14 responses to “I Run for Races

  1. Is it just the loop around Greenlake then?

  2. We’re basically twins. Nothing motivates me more than signing up for that race. Once I’m there, I will not quit because I don’t want to ever tell anyone that I quit.

    Cough… Portland race… Cough

  3. Holly

    Stacie! I’m so glad I found you again. I just got an email about discounted entry to the San Dieguito half. Even though I am soooo not prepared for a half marathon I almost signed up just for the beer garden!

    Although medals, t-shirts and the feeling of accomplishment are nice…I guess I’m motivated by a good beer garden!

    • HOLLY!!! I’m do glad you found me again!! Omg the beer garden was awesome at San Dieguito. Even better was the beer they handed out at mile 12. Omg it was glorious. My in laws are running it again but I’m up in Seattle now. No San Dieguito for meee.

  4. Woo hoo for a run with the average in the 9’s! That’s pretty exciting 🙂 I don’t have any races planned until March…I am running a 5 mile. Not a very common distance in Canada.

    • Oooh I’ve never done a 5 miler before! That is a good mileage race! Seems like march is when things are really kicking off!

      • Leigh

        Lots of races start up then for us because it’s too freaking cold here to do anything earlier than that. Well there is a half marathon in February, but last year it was so snowy and cold that it isn’t worth it to me.

  5. Great run! You are getting faster! I don’t have any races planned until March either, which is too far away to really be motivating. So maybe I need to sign up for that!

  6. Hey, I’m new to your blog & am glad I found it. Last year I visited a friend in Seattle (from NC… very different weather!!!) and ran the St. Patty’s Day Dash up there in March. It was very cold and a bit rainy but we got long sleeve shirts too! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one with a crazy amount of short sleeve shirts! I adore long sleeve ones and, like you, they are always welcome!

  7. I wanted to run the Valentine’s Dash, but it sold out on me. *pouting*

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