Let there be rest

On Wednesday, I busted out my Nike Training Club app on my iPhone. This thing rocks.


I did a 30 minute core workout. Holy moly my legs were shaking about 15 minutes in. Guess I don’t do enough of that junk.

Then last night I did 10 miles on the bike in 39:17. Yep, my legs hate me today. It is hard to walk up our stairs! Thank goodness for rest days. I worked out 4 days in a row. Normally the most I will do is 3 days in a row. My body is ready to recover.


It has finally stopped snowing here as of today. Yesterday we had freezing rain and then snow after that. I had never even heard of freezing rain until yesterday. Pretty crazy stuff!


My windshield was completely frozen over and my doors wouldn’t open to my car! Not like I was planning on driving anywhere anyways…


Our Japanese maple was even completely frozen!

Pretty crazy stuff for this so cal girl.

Tonight I am braving the roads to go pick up my friend from the airport. Let’s hope I don’t spin out! Happy weekend everyone!!



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6 responses to “Let there be rest

  1. Great workout and hope you’re able to make it to the airport ok. I do a lot of spinning classes at my gym but I’m saving up to buy a road bike. Can’t wait to get out there this spring/summer.

    • Getting a road bike will be awesome! I am thinking about getting bikes for hubs and me for this spring/summer as well. It is something he loves to do and it will be an easy way of convincing him to work out with me!

  2. Good luck with the drive! Roads seem better today. I went into work even though it was officially “closed”. Braving the roads later to see The Princess Bride on Capitol Hill…..

  3. Love the Nike training app! I have it on my phone and don’t use it often enough 🙂 Have a great & safe weekend!

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