The DNS was worth it


On Saturday I was supposed to run the Twitter road race 5k. It was a free virtual race that I was really looking forward to. Then, on Friday night, hubs and I were talking about how we have been so busy with work that we have had very little ‘us time’ lately. So, we gladly took Saturday for ourselves.

Since the twitter road race was free and virtual, I don’t feel so bad about my DNS. Hubs and I needed time together far more than I needed to run. Sometimes you just have to make those kinds of decisions. No guilt. It was worth it.


Tonight, I am hosting The Bachelor viewing at my house. My girls and I go to someone’s house every Monday. The person that is hosting provides dinner while everyone else brings a bottle of wine. It is a fab time full of us girls talking crap about all the psycho women on this show. Glorious.

psycho blogger

I am making Mexican Rice for dinner. Along with that I will be serving chips and salsa and guacamole. I will also have a fruit platter. Oh and some bubbly. 🙂 mmm I can’t wait!

I really like Kacie B, mostly because she spells her name with an ‘ie’ at the end like someone else I know… oh ya, that would be me. I have a feeling Ben is going to be a total douche and pick the model though. She is kinda manly looking. Cro magnon man even. Yep, I am just jealous.

Who do you think is going to win?

Have you ever DNS-ed?



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12 responses to “The DNS was worth it

  1. Ok seriously, I cannot stand Courtney (the ‘model’) either. Something is really OFF about her. I get it, she’s the villain but still! UGH!

    Kacie B is also my favorite, she is so cute and comes across as really sweet.

    Love the idea of the traveling girls night…sounds fun.

    Whereabouts in Seattle are you located? Mostly so I can stalk you, just kidding… always curious what part of town people live in. 🙂

    • I KNOW! It is almost like she is not all there. She speaks really slowly too which annoys the heck out of me. It makes it sound like she is always talking down to people.

      I am in West Seattle! Love it out here! Where are you located? I love that there are so many Seattle peeps that blog/tweet!

  2. I read that he picks the model which is terrible! She’s so annoying and only thinks about not eating and getting famous. Haha

  3. That model chick is super crazy. I can’t believe how crazy she is! I really didn’t want him to give her a rose and spend all that time with her last night, but of course that’s what he did. Stupid Ben.

  4. Whaa fun idea to do with your friends! I wish my friends didn’t think the Bachelor was stupid! :-). AND my DVR is majorly on my hit list because it didn’t tape it last night!!!

  5. Holly

    Yes, I had to DNS the San Dieguito half last year bc my sweet boyfriend planned a surprise birthday party for me the night before. If I were more dedicated I wouldn’t have consumed alcohol at the surprise party so that I could run the next day. Alas, shots with my friends > running a half marathon.

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