What I’m Reading

After reading Laura @ Undeterrable’s blog post yesterday about books she is reading, I thought I would do the same.

I made it a goal to read 30 books this year. January is not even over yet and I have already read 8 of them!! That’s what happens when you read a series that you can’t put down! I bet hubs is regretting getting me a Kindle now… It is way too easy to buy books.

Here is what I have read so far:

1. Pretty Little Liars by Sarah Shepard
2. Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless by Sarah Shepard
3. Pretty Little Liars #3: Perfect by Sarah Shepard
4. Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo
5. Pretty Little Liars #4: Unbelievable by Sarah Shepard
6. Pretty Little Liars #5: Wicked by Sarah Shepard
7. Pretty Little Liars #6: Killer by Sarah Shepard
8. Pretty Little Liars #7: Heartless by Sarah Shepard

Currently reading:
Pretty Little Liars #8: Wanted

Future Reading:
The Art of Racing in the Rain
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Series

As you can see, I love me some Pretty Little Liars. It is currently a show on ABC Family. Since I am a sucker for that teen drama crap I decided that I HAD to read the books too.

The books are completely different than the show. The 4 main girls in the show aren’t even friends in the book. They are ex-friends. Some characters, like Mike Montgomery, are way better in the books; however, I think I like the show better overall. That won’t stop me from reading all 10 books in the series though!

The book Heaven is For Real is an absolute MUST read if you are even remotely religious. It is an incredible story of a boy who saw God. Absolutely fantastic.

That’s it so far. I will update my side widget sometime this century so you guys can really see what I’m reading through the year!

What are you reading right now?

Do you like teen gossip crap shows? Please tell me I’m not the only one!



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17 responses to “What I’m Reading

  1. So I should definitely read the Pretty LIttle Liars series? I feel blah about the books I have from the library right now and need some inspiration. I actually had Heaven is For Real waiting for me at the library but then I forgot to ever pick it up so I have to go to the bottom of the list again… Thanks for the recommendations! Keep up with these posts please!

    • I definitely recommend it if you want just an easy read. There isn’t a whole lot of deep substance but I found it quite entertaining. I recommend the Outlander series if you want a more adult read. It is fantastic. Once you make it through the first 50 or so pages you will be hooked! 🙂

  2. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a great book, but very graphic at times.

  3. The art of the racing in the rain was really good! One day was an easy and good read too. Sarah’s key was also really good! I like reading but really need to be in the mood for it and haven’t been lately.

  4. I can do you one better and tell you that I LOVE reality TV shows, which I think are even more embarrassing than “teen gossip crap shows.” Just got into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I’m a little ashamed to say that I stayed up late watching the first season 🙂
    Also, you should try reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog, since I heard that it was similar to The Art of Racing in the Rain (which I have yet to read but really really want to)

  5. DJ

    LOL, I felt the same way when I got my Nook a couple years ago…very easy to read books/buy ’em.

    I haven’t read Pretty Little Liars. Not into Teen drama, but it does sound interesting to give it a try.

    Have you read The Hunger Games? You’ll love it. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I can’t wait to read the dragon tattoo series. I’m going to wait to see the movie till I read the book.

  7. Hahaha, well, I have recently been watching Gossip Girl on Netflix… I didn’t have the channel it was on when it first aired, so now I’m catching up. Oh, and The Vampire Diaries….. Both crappy teen dramas. I’ve heard Pretty Little Liars is good, but I’m going to wait to get through Gossip Girl before I move onto something else.

    I’m finally reading the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy, and have the book “Outlander” to read after that after hearing it is a highly recommended series. Such a bookworm– I think I read 34+ books last year.

    • OMG I cannot express to you how FREAKING good the Outlander series is. It is definitely adult content and they are LONG but absolutely incredible reads. It is by far my favorite book ever!!! Can you tell I like it?! 😊

  8. Sam

    I love love teen drama shows and reality tv. I haven’t had tons of time to watch reality tv but I def make hubby watch Pretty Little Liars with me!! Lol. Finished Hunger Games and loved. Now I am trying to read some spiritual type books before I start my next non.fiction!
    Thanks for the recommendations!!

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