Oops I did it again

Last nights workout:

My legs were quite tired last night, so I opted to do some cross training. I busted out my Nike Training Club app and selected a workout. I chose the 30 minute workout called Slim Effect (the had me at slim). HOLY FREAKING MOLY! That workout was RIDICULOUS.

It was SO hard. About half way through, they give you a 30 second break. I literally was laying on the floor panting and sweating the whole 30 seconds. AND the craziest part was that it was a major leg workout as well as a core, ab, and arm workout. EVERYTHING involved squats or jumps of some sort. My poor legs! haha

If you have an iPhone, seriously go download this free app. And no, they do not sponsor me. I am just obsessed with it.


If you recall in this post, I made spending less money on clothes one of my 2012 goals.

Well, I made it a whole month without making a purchase. The amazing news is that these items don’t even count because they were bought with my Christmas money!!! Yesss!

I received a Nordies gift card from my MIL! Oh darn. Guess I HAD to shop there.

I got these:




And a lighter pair of skinny jeans that are no longer available.

Then came Target. That place is dangerous. My Canadian friends should be thankful that you don’t have a Target. My bank account gets smaller just THINKING about going to that place. Anyways, I found some fantastic deals.

I got this top:

And this top:

And I thought both of those would pair nicely with these boots:


I have died and gone to chukka boot heaven. At first I was unsure about the whole chukka boot trend, but now, I’ve got to say, I am a big big fan. I guess the same could be said for skinny jeans. I swore I would never wear them, but now I wear them almost every day!

What trend did you hate at first and then love later?



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3 responses to “Oops I did it again

  1. runforwine

    Love all the choices! I bet those jeans look so cute on you!!

  2. You are ever so slowly turning into a true Seattleite…. Oh, how I love Target!

  3. I never wanted Uggs until I started coaching figure skating. Standing on the ice for hours needs to be followed by fuzzy boots. I also never thought I would get into the twitter thing – but alas, I did.

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