Name That Tune

Last nights workout:

Biked 8 miles in 32:51

I really wanted to run last night but unfortunately my stomach did not want me to. It was unsettled when I got home from work and it just wouldn’t go away. So, in lieu of skipping my workout completely, I hopped on the bike.

My stomach is better now, so now it is P&BLL (pizza & bud light lime) night. Hallelujah, Friday is here!


Happy Friday blog world!! Hubs and I have quite the weekend planned. Think snow, new friends, coffee, bloggers, and more! Wooo!

To kick off the weekend, let’s play a little game of name that tune (Thank you, Pinterest, for providing me the means to play this game).


Who? Who? Who? Who?


Damn right, it’s better than yours.


Wha-oh oh oh oh oh!

Goodness people have too much time on their hands!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!


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One response to “Name That Tune

  1. Ha!!!! I lovvveeee those. Snow?! Are you going skiing? Have a blast!

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