Friday Motivation

Last nights workout:

Ran 2 miles in 21:22 (10:41 pace)

Biked 10 miles in 40:40

I wanted to keep last nights workout pretty light since I am racing tomorrow. Have I mentioned that already? Only a thousand times? Let’s make it one thousand and one. I AM RACING TOMORROW!!!! WOOOOOOOOO! It has been WAY too long!

Rebecca, TriGirl, and Ann Marie will be there tomorrow as well! To top it all off, this will be Rebecca‘s very first race! Go send her some good luck lovin!


I thought I would start this weekend off right with some Friday motivation.



Very great perspective!!



Yep. That is always the hardest part!



Don’t mind if I do!



There is no way those costumes didn’t chafe the hell out of those guys! Now I kind of want to be a red solo cup for Halloween.

Here is to good runs and good drinks this weekend. Cheers everyone! Happy Friday!



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2 responses to “Friday Motivation

  1. Good luck good luck good luck good luck!!!! Is this a PR attempt? Do you have some sweet vday paraphernalia?! I used that same margarita picture in today’s post too! πŸ™‚

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