Valentines Day Dash 5K

So remember that race that I was so excited about this past weekend? The one I was hoping to set a PR at? Ya, it blew chunks. But before you get my bitter recap of the race, let me tell you about the awesome parts.

I woke up at about 7 (nice and late for a race morning). I got dressed in my pink attire, ate a clif bar, and headed to Greenlake. Hubs and I left the house at about 7:45. We stopped for coffee and still got there annoyingly early. The race didn’t start until 9:30 and we got there just after 8. I was worried about parking and lines for picking up my race bib, but we pulled right into a spot next to the start and I walked right up to the bib table.

We had well over an hour to kill and it was COLD!!! Hubs and I walked around and took pics.



He is such a trooper.

A little while later hubs and I saw TriGirl and Ann Marie! TriGirl was AWESOME and printed out a Sherry bib for me because I forgot our printer was broken. Camera whoreness commence.

[TriGirl, Me, Ann Marie]


We like to call this ‘The Awkward Ass Shot.’ It was so cool running for Sherry. It definitely made the race special.

Not long after that, we ran into Rebecca. She looked adorbs all decked out in vday attire.


When it was time for the race to start, we headed to the 10:00-11:00 minute pace mini corral. Before we knew it, we were off to a strong walk. It was CROWDED. This is where it got ugly.

There were strollers and dogs everywhere. I have no problem with strollers and dogs, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start in the back. It is just courtesy to the rest of us! The path started to narrow more and I could do nothing but walk.

I ran with Ann Marie and TriGirl for the first 3/4 mile or so, but I lost them in the crowd. I tried to make a move around people but I couldn’t. I was completely blocked in. I could not catch up after that.

Then I was running on my own. I tried to run in the street, but in typical Seattle fashion it was uneven and I got SO close to rolling my ankle. So then I tried the sidewalk, but the sidewalk was covered in super slippery mud. No joke, I almost did the splits at one point. Slippery felt safer than uneven pavement so I tried to stay on the sidewalk but my pace slowed considerably. I felt like I was tiptoeing my way through the race having to be cautious with every step.

Somewhere around mile 2.5, a woman yelled ‘On your right’ behind me. I immediately moved to my left a bit to give her room. That’s when the idiot woman ran by me on my LEFT hand side!! WTF?! Don’t they teach right from left in elementary school? On top of that, she had a little rat dog (Note: I love little dogs. I just do not love nearly eating crap because of little dogs) running behind her that I DID NOT see. This was about the 80th time I nearly broke my ankle during the race. RUDE.

I tried to finish strong, but in the end I finished with a PW. My final time was 34:24. I definitely had a smile on my face though. Regardless of the craziness, I had so much fun. I love racing even when it doesn’t go as planned. My favorite part is seeing my hubs waiting for me at the finish line!


I thought the course itself was beautiful. It was one lap around Greenlake. You can’t go wrong with that. The only issue is the fact that 3000 people run this race. If they are going to have that many people, then they need to prohibit strollers and dogs. There just isn’t enough room!

Regardless of the craziness, I would run this race again. I just won’t try to make this a PR race. I will just dress up and do it for fun.



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13 responses to “Valentines Day Dash 5K

  1. Left, right, it’s all the same, right? 😉 I couldn’t believe how quickly we lost you! Then again, I ran the Seattle Half alone last year because I instantly lost Ann Marie at the start. The strollers, dogs and mud definitely added an element of danger to the race! I’m really glad that it was still a fun race for you. We were talking about maybe doing the Color Run…would you want to do that?

    • Seriously!! It was like one minute I saw you guys right in front of me and then two seconds later, I couldn’t see you any more. Rebecca was telling me about the Color Run! That sounds like fun! Let me just see how it fits into my half training!!

  2. I love your socks and really love your headband – where did you get it? I did Irongirl 10k a few years ago which is 2 times around green lake and there were similar issues, I think that path just isn’t big enough to accommodate many people! But so glad you had fun and put a positive spin on things! You know what this means? You need to sign up for another race to get that PR!! What’s next?

  3. I don’t understand my comments keep not displaying after I write them! So let’s try this again! Grrrrr.

    I LOVE your pink socks and especially your headband – where did you get it? I did IronGirl a few years ago which is 2 times around GreenLake and there were similar issues – I just don’t think that path is big enough to accommodate very many people, unfortunately. But I’m glad you still had fun and were able to put a positive spin on things! You know what this means? You need another race to get that PR! What’s next for you?

    • For some reason, your comments keep going into my spam lately. Weird. My headband is from Active Bands! Doesn’t slip at all! 🙂 I am not sure what race is going to be my redemption race, but I definitely need to find one soon! Do you have any 5k’s coming up?

  4. Ahh, you look so cute! The biggest thing I learned doing all these Seattle 5ks (especially the ones put on by Pro-Motion Events) is that even if you’re trying to be honest about your pace, other people aren’t. I usually stand somewhere between the 7:30 and 8:30 min/mile pace markers. It helps avoid the stroller/dog/walker bottlenecks.

    Let me know what your redemption race is going to be. I might be able to pace you to a PR, unless you’re aiming for something faster than 24:30, in which case, I’d race you. 🙂

  5. I love that your PW is faster than my PB! You rock!

  6. Leigh

    Sounds like a fun race with friends minus the strollers and dogs of course 🙂

  7. Glad you still had fun! I’m going to assume that “rat dog” would not apply to my little angels, because they are adorable and I know right from left. Awkward Ass Shots (AAS) for the win.

    • Haha of course they don’t apply to your babies. I actually have a shih tzu that is the most amazing thing ever. She lives with my mama in San Diego because I couldn’t take both of us away from her. I love little dogs. I just don’t like tripping over them because their owners dont know right from left! Haha 🙂

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