Happy <3 Day!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! I love holidays. They always make us take time from our crazy lives to spend quality time our loved ones.

Hubs and I don’t do a whole lot for Valentines when it comes to extravagant gifts. Instead, we usually go out to a nice dinner. We rarely go to dinner on the real Valentines day though. We usually opt to go on the weekend before or after. We went on Saturday this year. It’s nice because you don’t have to make reservations weeks in advance AND we can get chocolate wasted because we don’t go on a school night.

On Saturday, hubs and I went to our favorite restaurant Ruth’s Chris.


I just realized I looks like a total creeper in this pic. Helloooo bug eyes.

I enjoyed an amazing pear twist martini:


A Ruth’s Chop Salad:


And stuffed chicken breast:


That is heaven in your mouth right there.

When we got home, I busted out this deliciousness:


Putting that vodka in orange juice makes it taste JUST like a Creamsicle.


You seriously can’t taste the alcohol at all! Super dangerous but so yummy.

For actual Valentine’s Day tonight, I am making hubs favorite: Olive Garden’s Fettucine Alfredo. Yum yum yum. Thank you, Pinterest for the recipe!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



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3 responses to “Happy <3 Day!!

  1. vicki

    Happy Valentines Day, Stace. Love you guys!!

  2. That sounds delightful! I love whipped cream vodka, so good! I might need to try that fettuccini recipe this weekend!

  3. I’m celebrating by sitting on an ice pack (my thigh/butt hurts) and eating my weight in chocolate. Happy heart day!

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