Why, hello Friday. So nice to see you. What a crazy week it has been!

I did not run last night. I can feel my knee being annoying when I WALK! Ugh. It doesn’t hurt when I walk, I can just feel that it is there and it is not being normal. Awesome. I am going to attempt to run tonight. If my body knows what is good for it, then it better cooperate.

Tonight will not be a typical Friday in the SiS household. We will NOT be having pizza and P&BLL (Pizza & Bud Light Lime) night!! I know, shocker right?! Hubs and I are getting serious about watching calories and working out together. I love it.

Instead of pizza, we will be having leftover pineapple green chili pork tacos that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Seriously, go make the recipe now. It is so freaking delicious and SO easy. MMMMM!!

It is a 3 day weekend which mean I will be catching up on TONS of sleep this weekend. Hallelujah.

Short little post today. Time for me to go to Target and make some din! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!



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4 responses to “RIP P&BLL

  1. What is BLL?! I’m out of the loop!

  2. I hate to be the weirdo, but… if you get twice the sauce and half the cheese on a pizza the calories and fat go down A LOT and your lycopene goes up. Make it a veggie, and it qualifies as healthy. Around here, anyway. ; )

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