Skinny Tuesday

Last nights workout:

Rest day!!

Call me out of shape, but I am SO sore from helping hubs wash his car yesterday. My ass. My arms. My shoulders. Looks like someone needs more cross training in their life.


Happy fat skinny Tuesday everyone! I really don’t get the point of this ‘holiday.’ Is it even a holiday? It is just an excuse to go out and get sloppy on a work night? Sign me up! Just kidding. I leave play time for the weekend like a good little computer geek.

Instead of getting fat today, I decided to have a skinny day! I stuck to a very basic diet today. No chips. No candy. No chocolate. I kicked my weaknesses to the curb today.

Let’s see if the scale agrees with me in the morning…

In other news… I got my magic bullet!! And no, that is not a sex toy, you perv! Goodness gracious am I gonna get some spam comments with this post or what?! Anyways, I made my first creation!!


Very basic smoothie. Nothing fancy yet. I need to order some Greek yogurt and spinach from amazon fresh so I can make green monsters! This absolutely delicious creation was:

Frozen mango
Frozen strawberries
Frozen pineapple
Orange juice

Lessons learned:
Don’t use ice if you are using frozen fruit.
Don’t stuff the fruit to the top and use very little liquid unless you want a smoothie the consistency of ice cream.
Mango completes me.

I bought a bag of frozen mixed fruit from target. Have I mentioned that I love that place?! It is perfect because I don’t risk the fruit going bad before I can use it all!

In other random news…

I am in love. With a pair of shoes. Omg I am absolutely LUSTING after these babies:


Someone convince me that I NEED these in my wardrobe. Or better yet, tell hubs so I don’t have to buy them myself. Any takers? No? Ok, back to lusting it is.

Ok enough randomness for one day.


Did you get fat or skinny today?

And seriously, tell me I will die if I don’t give those shoes a proper home.



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21 responses to “Skinny Tuesday

  1. Are you really telling me you don’t know the purpose behind Fat Tuesday? Lent starts tomorrow, so Fat Tuesday is the last chance to “indulge” before Easter.

    That smoothie looks amazing. I didn’t indulge per se on this Fat Tuesday, but I did have some coffee and chocolate and of course, that full body massage I schedule for this morning.

    Finally: you? More cross training? Don’t you already have iron abs?…..

    • Oh my goodness. Are you serious?! That I really what fat Tuesday is all about?! I GREW UP CATHOLIC AND HAD NO IDEA!! I know about ash Wednesday and lent and what not but had no idea about fat Tuesday. I always thought it was a holiday new Orleans made up for tourism. Wow. Hahaha

      Omg a massage sounds heavenly right about now. I am super jealous. Sounds like you had a fantastic day!

      Haha I need to add more pushups and squats into my cross training. My abs are far from steel but I have bat wings for arms and a booty the size of Montana. The smallest exercises make me sore! Haha

  2. Happy Skinny Tuesday! I ran 5 miles this morning, albeit slowly, but I managed. Then I did some fatty mcfats and ate chocolate chip cookies for lunch, went on a bike ride with my hubs, and had the best California burger ever (you have to come visit me to get one, they’re not the same anywhere else, trust me) and a big old German chocolate cake shake for dinner. I sort of balanced out the fat and skinny.

    Your smoothie looks delicious, super happy for you to get on board that train, it’s tasty! Please post your different concoctions as you create them, I am always down to try another sweet treat that doesn’t involve processed sugar and me eating everything.

    Those combat boots are bomb. But really, would you wear them? Do you like that 90’s grunge thing that Seattle is so known for? I love them too but won’t end up getting a pair for myself because I truly would feel silly wearing them. More power to you if you can pull them off!

    That ecard is EPIC! How excited are you for the hunger games movie? Also, great motivation to run and workout πŸ™‚

    Just realized I don’t know your name!! You’re “Skipping in Seattle” to me haha (I’m Adrian, nice to meet you, thanks for chatting with me on twitter and for reading my random blog comments!)

    • California burger?! Sign me up! I am assuming it has some form of avocado on it. Delish! If it is even half as good as a California burrito then I’ll be in heaven. Sound like you seriously had a great day!

      Gahhh I know, I am so torn with the boots. I am in love but they might be a little too Seattle. I am a San Diego girly girl at heart so they would for sure be paired with some skinny jeans and some sort of sparkly top! πŸ˜‰ I just bought some chukka boots with about a 3 inch heel on them and holy moly I am in love. I never ever ever thought I would be down with that style but it is totally growing on me!! Pretty sure it’s almost time for me to die my hair black and cake on the eyeliner.

      I am so FREAKING excited for the movie. I really really hope they do the book justice! Ahhh!!!

      I’m Stacie!!! So nice to ‘meet’ you too! πŸ™‚ do you have a blog? I’d love to follow it! And if you don’t, what the heck are you waiting for?! πŸ™‚

      • Hey Stacie!! I blog over at, not always regularly, but I’m on it and I’m always reading others’ blogs!

        the California burger I ate had jack cheese, sprouts, avocado, tomato and pesto mayo on a 9-grain bun, it was HEAVEN! I live in the SF Bay Area, totally a Cali girly girl myself, and you crack me up with your boots! Seattle is totally converting you from a Reef/Rainbow flip flop wearing blonde California girl to a gothed out Seattle chick lol SO fun either way! And the Hunger Games?! Don’t even get me started, I am SO excited it’s not even funny. The books were amazing, and watching the director on some interviews has me extremely hopeful for the adaptation, which he says will be “very true to the books”!!

        • Bri

          You know quite a lot of sea-town girls got style. Don’t. Read in to the hype… Kurt Cobain has been dead for a long time! Haha! Move to Bellevue/Kirkland. You’ll feel better, the land of blondes:-) The coffee thing is true though! Cute blog:-)

          • Hahaha That is a fabulous comment. Hubs and I MIGHT look at buying in Bellevue/Kirkland area next year. Until then, I will be the lowly blonde in the sea of brunettes in Seattle! πŸ˜‰ Thanks girlie!!

        • I am officially following your blog now! πŸ™‚

          Omg I will never give up my rainbows!! Hahaha I have way too many pairs. I even got married in the white ones with Swarovski crystals on them!

          The hunger games previews make it look like they are going to do a good job. I will be in my glory if they keep it similar to the book! Omg I can’t flipping wait! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. I have one of those blenders, and I still thought of the other one. Guilty.

  4. I have TWO Magic Bullets at home and always forget about them when Iam making shakes. Hubby gets mad at me because I won’t let him get rid of either! LOL We might need them some day. Ha Ha. They do work great though.

  5. This post had me laughing all the way through! It’s unfortunate that there are 2 devices called “Magic Bullet”…because you can’t help but think of the *other* one πŸ˜‰

    Btw, Adrian is the girl who is staying with me for the RnR in June!

  6. Love your Skinny Tuesday, I pretty much did that too…tried to eat good all day and did a pretty good job :). Man, I’m jealous of your Magic Bullet, I really need to get one of those things. Oh…and if you are looking for the cheapest frozen fruit on the planet go to Costco and get their giant bag of mixed organic frozen berries…lasts forever and saves you tons!

  7. Sam

    I love that picture at the end! I would really be one the first to die in the Hunger Games! Lol.
    Those boots are to die for!! Where at?
    I don’t get the Fat Tuesday thing either?! But good for you for havung a skinny tuesday!! I had a regular Tuesday.. Bleh!
    So I have a regulat blender and.i want to make better smoothies but I suck at them. They get foamy or frothy or whatever. Then they’re gross!! Does the bullet do that??
    I regisywred for the baby bullet for pumpkin

  8. Magic Bullet is a sex toy… you just got a blender πŸ˜‰

    Nice job on Skinny Tuesday! I love those days – they feel really good.

    I’m actually about to order my Hunger Games tickets…

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