Three Things Thursday

1. Last night I did a Nike Training Club App workout called ‘Tighten Up’ – 45 minutes

This is the longest NTC workout I have done so far. The repetitiveness got to be a little annoying toward the end but dang what a good workout. The music was speaking to me the whole time. It even finished up with Miley Cyrus’s Can’t Be Tamed which is GUARANTEED to make me get up and go no matter how exhausted I am. No idea why. I can’t stand Miley but that is my jammmm!

2. I am kinda obsessed with the new Taylor Swift song called Safe and Sound. It is on the Hunger Games soundtrack. I love how different her voice sounds in it.

Anyways, I was browsing YouTube and holy cow there are some cool covers of the song!! Check out this one:

It is not something I would normally like, but I kinda really dig it!

3. I have started shopping for my Hunger Games shirt to wear to the opening! I love midnight showings of movies. Even more, I love dressing up for midnight showings. I think my fav was when I dressed up for one of the million pirates movies.

I even bedazzled my eye patch!


And yes, I was just as big of a dork way back in the day.

I am still not positive what I am going to wear for The Hunger Games, but dang I am SO excited!!!


Do you ever go to midnight showings? Do you ever dress up for them?



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9 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Bought my tickets for Hunger Games last night! It comes out on my birthday, so happy birthday to me! The only other midnight showing I’ve been to was HP7P1.

  2. Tell us more about other midnight showings you’ve been to and your costumes!!

  3. Um, Hello love all of this! I dressed up in a homemade Harry Potter tshirt for the midnight showing of goblet of fire, also stood in line at midnight for last two hp books! I plan on dressing up as Effie trinket for the midnight showing of the hunger games, can’t wait!

    • OMG we are SO meant to be friends… I was JUST looking up Effie Trinket costumes! Unless I got a wig, the whole blonde Katniss thing just doesn’t work out. Or I might just get a cool HG shirt and bedazzle it. Red, yellow and orange rhinestones to make it look on fire? Hmmm this has potential!

  4. Midnight showing of LOTR at Cinerama. The nerdiness was palpable. it was AWESOME.

    • You are going to never comment on my blog again after hearing this… but I have NEVER seen Lord of the Rings!!! I know, what kind of self proclaimed nerd am I if I haven’t seen LOTR?! Are you completely shunning me?

  5. Cannot wait until Hunger Games!! I’ll be traveling for work that week (boo!) so I bought tickets for Sat.

    I’ve never been to a midnight showing — I don’t know that I would be able to stay awake!

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