My Weekend In Pictures

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I DEFINITELY did!

My weekend can be summarized like so:


Yep. I was a lazy ass and loved every second of it. Hubs and I laid around watching movies most of the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, we finally decided to do something with our lives and clean the house. Then I ran a slow 3 miles. Then it was back to the couch. Amazing. We haven’t had that kind of lazy weekend in forever. It was perfection.


I found such a fun surprise in my mailbox today!!


$50 PF Changs gift card babyyyy!

I was one of the first 13 people to sign up for the RnR SD on the 13th with the coupon code ‘lucky13’ so I won!! 🙂 So cool! I think it’s a sign that I am meant to kick booty at this race, dontcha think?!

Thanks Rock N Roll San Diego!!! I any wait to get me some lettuce wraps!!

What was the last movie you saw?



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3 responses to “My Weekend In Pictures

  1. Sounds like a *glorrrious* weekend!

  2. Nice! That gc pretty much pays for half of the race. Good deal! Especially if you love PF Changs. I love it there, but it’s a little too expensive for me. Ugh, I feel like an old lady saying that.

  3. That is AWESOME!!! You were already going to dominate that race but free lettuce wraps can’t hurt! 🙂 what movies did you watch with hubs? Recommend any of them? The last one I watched was that one about numbers with Anna Faris, I forget what it was called!

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