March Madness

Hi friends! Yes, I am alive… Barely. It has been a crazy week but I’m glad March is here. 11 days until half mary training starts! Time is flying!

Today I got the most random phone call from my mom. First thing she says to me…

‘Are you pregnant?’

‘Uhm, no, no I’m not.’

‘I had a dream last night that you were pregnant and hubs decorated the baby’s room all by himself by nail gunning stuffed animals to the ceiling so the baby could see them in the crib.’

What the heck?! Yes, this is my mother. Goodness she is hilarious. How freaking creepy would stuffed animals on the ceiling be for a baby?! Could you imagine at night with the shadows? Creepy! That is like nightmare status.

Rest assured bloggy friends, I am still focused on losing weight, not putting on baby weight.


February was a good month.


– I ran 26.63 miles. Not super high, but my runs are still pretty dang short.

– I biked 41.8 miles. I really love biking. I never used to, but it is really fun.

– I did a bunch of other cross training. I didn’t keep track of my other workouts very well, but I definitely got a lot of cross training in. My favorite thing is still my Nike Training Club app. So SO good.

– I lost 2 pounds! Woot! I honestly don’t care about the scale. I just want to feel good in my skin. I am getting there. My back side needs work, but I slowly ( and I mean SLOWLY ) am feeling things tightening up.

– I went smoothie crazy and it has been glorious. Love getting my fruits and veggies in. I will be posting some more recipes that I love very soon.

I am definitely ready to up my mileage more this month. I am really looking forward to training. Having the goal of kicking ass at RnR SD is going to help so much!

How was February for you?!



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5 responses to “March Madness

  1. Um, if you are suddenly running marathon distances and saying that is ‘short’, I’m going to cry… but that would be totally amazing! Also, 41.8 miles on the bike?? You go girl!

    That phone call from your mom is hilarious! When the time comes to decorate a baby nursery…go with Pottery Barn 😛

    • Haha don’t worry girl. I am still doing about 3 mile runs. 😉 I am planning on doing 5 this weekend. My first 5 in a long time.

      OMG I loveeee Pottery Barn Kids!! So stinkin cute!!! Much better than stuffed animals on the ceiling!

  2. My mom would totally call me with that. Hysterical.

  3. Sam

    Glad February was so awesome! I want to read some of those smoothie recipes. I don’t know how to suck at making smoothies, but I do, big time!!

    And yes, stuff animals on the ceiling is way creepy!! Lol but hilarious!

  4. Your mom is HILARIOUS!! Was she disappointed the answer was no?! Nice February!

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