Go Long!

Well folks, I did it. I finally went for a ‘long’ run this weekend. On Saturday, I got 5 miles in the books. Booyaaaa!!

5 miles in 53:54 (10:47 pace)

I tried to keep it at a pretty steady pace around 11 minute miles. I ran the first two miles without stopping and then I desperately needed some water. This girl is not talented enough to drink and run at the same time. I slowed it down to a walk just long enough to get some water in me, then I picked it up again.

After 3 miles, I took a small break to stretch out my legs. We are talking about a minute or so break. Then I got going again. Before I knew it, I hit mile 4 and only had one more to go. I was feeling great. I paused for a couple seconds to take a sip of water and then really pushed it the last mile.

I couldn’t believe I did a long run with my average pace in the 10’s. Normally I am always in the 11’s. It was a very cool thing to see. Such a great run. I’m getting so excited for training to start!


After my run, I hopped in the shower and got ready for dinner. Hubs and I were meeting cousie D for dinner at an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ in Bellevue. The place is called Novilhos. Holy moly it was amazing. We have been there a few times. It is pretty pricey so it is always a special treat when we get to go.


Sunday, hubs and I woke up pretty early which was kind of nice. We lounged around, had some coffee and cereal, and watch some tv. When it came time for lunch, we decided to give Seattle another chance to not completely screw up Mexican food. We went to a place in West Seattle called Cactus. What a gorgeous view.


The place had a really cool fire pit when you first walked in. It made the place feel so cozy.


The food was more of a TexMex kind of place but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I think it is the best Mexican food we have had in Seattle so far (which is not saying much). I would definitely go back again, especially when it warms up. They have an outside patio bar thing that looks like an awesome place to enjoy some margs.

What a great weekend. I didn’t even have to cook. Amazing. 🙂

Do you have good Mexican food where you live?


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8 responses to “Go Long!

  1. Yes! Cactus is the best Mexican restaurant here! GREAT job on the run!!

  2. Cactus is the BEST Mexican in Seattle so I’m glad you think so too :). There is also a place similar to Cactus in Fremont called El Camino you should check out, especially during the summer for some plantain chips with guac and a nice cold Margarita. Have you been to Aqua Verde near UW? Also, delicious and more affordable than Cactus and El Camino!

  3. Yes!!!!! Way to dominate those 5 miles! Sadly, I’m not a big fan of Mexican food but I have been dying to give Brazilian BBQ a try. We will have to try that place!

  4. Cactus is my favorite! I was actually there on Saturday at the Cactus in Kirkland. I’ve also been to the Brazilian BBQ place in Bellevue. Yum.

    Have you tried Matador? There’s one in Redmond and a couple in Seattle I think. It’s not authentic Mexican but still pretty tasty.

  5. Wow, everyone loves Cactus. Maybe we need to have a Seattle blogger meetup there 🙂

  6. Lauren – will have to check out El Camino and Aqua Verde. I’ve heard Aqua Verde is a fun place to relax after kayaking.

  7. it cracks me up that we are all in the same restaurants and have no idea. LOL

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