May the odds be ever in your favor

Last nights workout:
Rest day

I had to stay home from work yesterday because my stomach was not agreeing with me at all. Hubs first response… ‘Are you pregs?’

First my mom, then him?! Sheesh! No peeps, I’m not pregs!

I’m feeling much better now and fully plan on getting a great sweat sesh in after work.


Well folks, my outfit for the Hunger Games premiere is all ordered!! I made my final purchases today!! I am not doing a full on costume because I couldn’t find anything I liked. I bet there will be more options come Halloween. Instead, I opted to be decked out in HG attire.

First up… The SHIRT!!!


I searched and searched and searched and finally decided on a classic hunger games logo. You will see why later. I bought this from Hot Topic of all places. Apparently they are all about HG.

Etsy had some great shirts but I just really wanted one on fire!! Hot topic had a scoop neck version of this shirt but it won’t ship til the 14th and I wanted to absolutely guarantee that I got it in time.

Up next, the necklace:


I’m obsessed with this and plan on wearing it OFTEN!! I love that it is a square! So cool! I found my necklace on Etsy!!!

Then comes my hair bow:


Honestly, how cute is that going to look with my shirt?! Great find on Etsy!

Last, but certainly not least, my NAIL POLISH!!!


And THAT my friends is why I needed a shirt that is on fire!!! China Glaze came out with a whole line of nail polish colors inspired by the Hunger Games. I’m OBSESSED. I found them at my local beauty supply store but Hot Topic has all of them too!

Oh my goodness gracious, I can not freaking wait. 18 more days, friends… 18 more days.

Is there anything my outfit is missing?!



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8 responses to “May the odds be ever in your favor

  1. That my friend is dedication to come up with an outfit like that! Can’t wait to see it all put together

  2. LOVE!!! you just need an orange backpack 😉

  3. Yes yes and yes to everything in this post! I too am super excited about thg and will be dressing up. I must make my selection soon. I want to do my hair and makeup like Effie trinket, but a full on costume is difficult and I’m lazy. A shirt of some sort will work for me 🙂 are you seeing a midnight showing?

  4. I think the only thing you need is actually being ON FIRE. Can you work that one out?
    I gotta say, I know that t-shirt is Hunger Games, but just glancing at it and it looks like a Metallica or death metal band shirt. Hee!

  5. I’m going to be out of town when the movie comes out. Wah!

  6. Bow and arrows. Obvs.

    I am so excited about this movie! It comes out on my birthday and I’m dragging my poor husband 🙂

  7. This is so incredibly awesome! I love THR you’re going all out! I definitely think I need a HG tee to wear to the movie, but I love that necklace!!!

  8. I would love to see this movie but I have this thing about reading the book first. Luckily my friend is letting me borrow her whole series!

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