Random Friday Thoughts

Last nights workout:

3 miles in 31:34 (10:31 pace)

I decided I needed some speedwork in a bad way. Speedwork is hard. Hello, captain obvious. No, but really it is hard!

I did a modified version of this workout:


I am not quite bad ass enough to go 8.0 mph yet but I did 7 mph!!! I also did .1 mile rest at 4 mph instead of .05 at 3.5. I honestly don’t remember the last time I sweat that much during a workout. Attractive, I know. It was a legit run.


Praise Jesus, Friday is here! I went to happy hour with my whole team tonight. The place we went to had ‘Lose an hour happy hour’ which meant that my gin and tonic with a shot of triple sec was only $2.50. Yes, that number is real. Their normal happy hour drinks are $5.

P.S. If you haven’t tried a gin and tonic with a shot of triple sec, do so now. They are amazing. And yes, the triple sec makes all the difference in the world.

In other news, I got to try my socks out during my rub last night.


I always knew you wanted a picture of my feet.

So far, so good. The real test will be when I do my long runs! Hopefully this will be the end of my blisters.

Once again in other news, the cast of the hunger games will be in Seattle tomorrow. I am possibly going with this girl. I hope it works out! And I hope we don’t die from a migraine with all the screaming teenagers.

Once again, a random Friday post. Now, where is my Bud Light Lime?! 😀

Happy weekend everyone!!



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4 responses to “Random Friday Thoughts

  1. Ha! I was just going to say a gin and tonic doesn’t sound like a bud light lime and pizza. So do you like gin normally? Because I don’t, but I’m willing to try with triple sec!
    Nice job on the speed work. You’ll be up to 8.0 in no time. A quarter mile at 7.0 is no joke. I think the fastest I can run is 10.00 for 40 seconds and then I die.

    • I do not like gin normally. But when combined with triple sec it becomes this magical combination. Don’t worry, I just downed THREE slices of pizza and a BLL 😉

      Man I think I would eat crap in the treadmill if I even attempted a 10 mph run. haha What a bad ass.

  2. Remember when I put a picture up of my feet and I started get search term stats for people searching for them? You have set yourself up for the horror my friend…

    Nice job on the speed work!

  3. Nice speedwork!!! Now tell me everything at THR hunger games mall tour!

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