And the training starts…

Today is a very special day guys. IT IS OFFICIALLY TRAINING SEASONNNN! About damn time!

To be perfectly honest, I am not 100% done with setting up my training plan. I am getting close, but I am still not sure how many days a week I want to run. I went to my trusty twitter account for this a while ago and the response was all over the map. Some people said 3, some said 4, some said 5. I know my body can’t handle 5. It just can’t. I get shin splints and even worse, I GET BURNED OUT.

Normally I do 3 days a week, but I am considering upping to 4. I think I am going to try this at the beginning and just see how it goes. If it is too much for my body to handle or if I am about to lose my mind from too much running, I will adjust accordingly.

One thing is for sure… I am going to KICK ASS at cross training.

So what does week 1 day 1 have in store for Skipping in Seattle? TODAY IS A REST DAY!

Yes, you heard that right. My first day of training starts with a rest day. I will be watching the season finale of the bach with my girls. We will, without a shadow of a doubt, be mocking Ben and Courtney as they begin their lifelong “relationship.” All I have to say is…

They deserve each other.

Will you be watching the season finale of The Bachelor?



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8 responses to “And the training starts…

  1. I will only watch it on my PVR so I can skip through most of it! Haha. And they are so meant for each other. Blah, both of them disgust me! I’m glad Kacie and the other girl got off there, so they didn’t get stuck with him!

  2. I think you’ll do great with that fourth day. Just make sure it’s always a recovery pace. No pushing on those days. The hardest part is figuring out where the sweet spot is, so your already ahead of the curve for knowing 5 days is too much. Exciting!!

    • Thanks!!! I definitely have a hard time having a run at recovery pace. I always feel like I want to push myself. You are definitely right though… if I add one more day it HAS to be slower. Maybe doing it after a long run will help ensure that?

  3. Yay for training starting! I think I still have 2 more weeks. I’m running 3 days a week and just praying I dont get injured! Stupid Courtney….

    • 3 days seems to be a popular number! That is what I have always done in the past too. If 4 starts to be too much I will GLADLY go back to 3 days. Here is to a healthy training season! 🙂

  4. LOL! All training plans should start with a rest day. Let it be law!

    I did 3 days for my training and I still got burned out because it went on for TOO long. So I think if your training plan isn’t 5 months long like mine was, you will be just fine. 🙂

    • No joke. I love starting with a rest day. Makes me feel accomplished on day 1 because I am sticking to my schedule. 😉

      And FIVE MONTHS?!
      Good lord woman! That would absolutely kill me. Props to you for stickin through it.

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