RnR San Diego Trainning Week 1

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I just wasn’t really feelin it. I blame it on the time change. I felt SO sluggish ALL week and could not for the life of me get to bed before 1 am. On a positive note, my training was SPOT ON last week.

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 3 miles of Fartleks in 32:48 (10:56 pace)
Wednesday: My first spin class ever with Rebecca
Thursday: 3 miles easy in 34:08 (11:23 pace)
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 6 miles in 1:05:52 (10:59 pace)
Sunday: 2.67 miles in 30:51 (11:33 pace)

Both Tuesday and Thursday’s runs were dreadful, awful, horrible, no good, very bad runs. I found myself watching the miles slowly tick by the whole dang time. I felt sluggish and kept getting light headed. I had to take way too many walk breaks for a measly 3 miles, but I got it done.

Wednesday, Rebecca invited me to a spin class at her gym in Bellevue. Holy moly, now THAT is a good time.

We totally disrupted the cleaning guy just so we could be camera whores after class.

WHAT A WORKOUT! My legs and tush were on FIRE. I am definitely going to have to incorporate spin into my regular workouts. If only it didn’t completely bruise my lady bits. Yes, I went there. Major ouch. Looks like I will be investing in some padded bike shorts in the future. I just hope it doesn’t feel like I am wearing a diaper.

And just in case you were curious (and I’m sure you were), there are some REALLY awkward pictures on Google if you search for adult diapers.

Did you notice that I ran FOUR days last week? Yes, FOUR! It was rad. I am still on the fence if I am going to keep up with it or go down to 3, but I am still pretty stoked about the first week of training going as planned. Here’s to a successful week 2!

Are you training for anything right now?



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8 responses to “RnR San Diego Trainning Week 1

  1. Nice job on the training! I’m so glad you liked spin! But yeah, you need to get some bike shorts, stat!

  2. Awesome week of training with FOUR runs!! Nice! And we both did our first spin class ever this week! 🙂

  3. i just want to know if that was david barton gym. worked out with a trainer there for a while- she was a grandmother, and she kicked my ass.

  4. Your lady bits will adjust, I promise. I actually talked to a spin instructor about the butt callous. It is a real thing and it will happen. Nice week of training 🙂

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