And then she shopped…

I would like to start this post by saying that my husband was raised well. And I am NOT just saying that because his mama reads my blog. 😉

Saturday night, I was talking to hubs and I mentioned wanting to buy a couple new shirts, but that I was trying to be good because it was my new years resolution. I told him I haven’t shopped for THREE months (this is a HUGE deal in my world). His response?

“I work hard so that you can shop. It is what girls do. It is your job to keep our closets fresh”

Goodness gracious, that is a good man right there.

He told me to have fun and refresh both of our wardrobes. Now this is a job that I can do!

First up, Nordies!! They were having triple rewards points last weekend! Major score. That means a Nordstrom note should be making its way to my mailbox very very soon.

I have been wanting a nice but casual blazer for a long time. So, I found this:
I thought it paired nicely with these:

(The last shirt is from Forever 21)

Then, in an effort to wear clothes that hubs likes on me, I bought a skirt. He tells me that I need to show off my legs. I beg to differ, but I REALLY like the outfit I found.

I also got this cross body bag that I will use when we make our way to San Diego for the RnR.

I have been needing a nice pair of black flats for work. I typically alternate between my Toms and another pair of flats that I have, but they aren’t really the look I am going for. So, I found these at Target:

Then I found the most amazing pair of wedges that I just HAD to have. AND I found a dress that went with them perfectly!


I found a couple other little finds at Forever 21.

I bought a pair of earrings and a leather wrap bracelet too (both from Nordstrom).

Overall, it was a very successful shopping adventure. Hubs cleaned up too. Now, I need to go through our closets and take a load of clothes to good will. Ahhh, I feel whole again with some shopping under my belt.

And then, as if hubs doesn’t spoil me enough, he brought me these last night just because…


Yep, he is a keeper.

Where is your favorite place to shop?



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12 responses to “And then she shopped…

  1. Lucky girl! Flowers and free reign to go shopping? Jealous! He is definitely a keeper 🙂 Love the wedges you got. Where did you find them?

  2. Can we go shopping together ;)…whenever I actually have money to spend on clothes I can never find anything! Everything you bought is SUPER cute!

  3. those triple rewards notices are like crack, aren’t they? i’ve got some notes in my purse right now, so i’m saving them for a rainy day!

  4. Wow! Nice work! Those flowers are beautiful too. I need you to come shop for me too! I hate shopping and am really bad at fashion too. I need a fashionintervention!

  5. Sam

    It’s been three months?? Man! I am dying and it has only been one month of not shopping. I find all these things that I want when I can’t have them! You are one lucky woman!! And flowers on top of that! Psh!!!

  6. Love those wedges! You are making me want to go shopping…

  7. runforwine

    I love this post!! Awesome hubby. Way to pick that one girl. Love all the things you bought too!

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