Cure for Treadmill Boredom

Last nights workout:
3 miles in 32:17 (10:46 pace)

Three words.

Best. Run. Ever.

I was avoiding last nights run like crazy. My food did not feel settled at all, so I was completely expecting it to be a run full of slider burps. That made me dread it even more. 10 pm rolled around and I decided it was now or never. I laced up and hopped on Betty for 3 miles of FARTleks.

Amazeballs. I did a one mile warm up in about 12 minutes. I kept it niiice and easy. Then I did about 5 bursts of sprints for various distances, followed by a short cool down. For the first time in pretty much forever, my cool down was a slow run instead of walking. I felt so comfortable cooling down that way. Don’t get me wrong… I kicked my ass while I was sprinting. It was hard but my legs never complained.

Since I am such a lover of my treadmill, I thought it was only fair to share the secrets to my love affair.

How to stay entertained on the treadmill:











Oh yes. I have started watching The Vampire Diaries and it is so flipping good. I force myself to ONLY watch it while I’m on the treadmill. Needless to say, I have not missed a scheduled run yet! Hubbida Hubbida.

I can’t wait for tomorrows run because I left off at a super exciting part. The Netflix app for my iPhone is pure genius. Fo’ real.

Have you seen Vampire Diaries?!



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5 responses to “Cure for Treadmill Boredom

  1. When you run that late, don’t you find that it takes awhile for you to fall asleep then? I struggle with working out past 8pm and falling asleep after.

    Never seen Vampire Diaries, but I usually watch Teen Mom or Jersey Shore while on my treadmill.

    • For some reason, I have no problem passing out right after working out. I think it helps calm me down or something after a crazy day at work.

      If you like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore then I think that Vampire Diaries will totally interest you!! You should definitely check it out!!

  2. LOL…this is awesome…I LOVE VP Diaries and I’m not afraid to admit it! I don’t have cable so I go to the gym every Tuesday night to watch Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls on their TV…hehe.

  3. Ha! I love it. I watch and read anything designed for teenagers, so yes I’ve seen it! 🙂 weren’t you the one who told me to read pretty little liars?! I’m on book #3….! At the gym yesterday some 12 year olds were talking about who they though A was and I pretended to have nooooo idea what they were talking about!

  4. runforwine

    Girl, I don’t know were you find the motivation to run at 10:00 at night. You crazy! but way to get it done. Major props!

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