1. I ran 3 slow and easy miles last night (34:20) while watching The Vampire Diaries. I love that I am getting more comfortable with the shorter distances again. Its about damn time!!!

2. I went to a spin class tonight that had a hunger games theme to it. Everyone dressed in all black to honor the tributes that we lost in the games. True story. It was fan-flipping-tastic.

We spun to a lot of songs on the soundtrack. They also had HG trivia for prizes. I won a copy of People Magazine that has Jennifer Lawrence on the cover for answering a question about other artists (besides T Swift) that are on the sound track.

Luckily for me, I had been listening to the soundtrack all day at work. Marion 5, FTW!!!

3. It is supposed to be 57 degrees and sunny on Saturday. Guess what that means?! My long run will be outside in the glory that is sunshine! Location is to be determined but I have a place in mind. Hopefully I’ll be able to soak up some vitamin d!!

Short TTT post. I have to get all my stuff together for my HG outfit. Be ready for pictures!! 🙂 Happy Hunger Games everyone!!



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3 responses to “TTT

  1. Ummmm. WHY was I not invited to that hunger games spin class??!!!???!!! I feel like I could die happy after going to that class!!

  2. I’m sorry did you just say an easy 3 miles?? What?! Those words are not in my vocabulary together. But yaaay for you and the long and short runs your getting in!!

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