7 things you never wanted to know about running

The other day I got to thinking about how there is SO much I did not know about running before I started. There are so many things people never tell you if you are not in the running ‘in crowd.’ That is quite possibly because if people knew about these running tidbits before they hit the pavement for the first time, that first step would probably never happen. You have to love running first before you are willing to accept these facts.

I decided to compile a list of things no one ever told me about running before I started. Read at your own risk.

1. Chafing is a real and awful thing. It is amazing how one teeny tiny chaffed spot at mile 11 could feel like your limb is going to burn right off.

2. You will become BFFs with porta-potties. I never stepped foot in a porta-potty before I started running. They grossed me out. That changed immediately once I started racing.

3. 90% of the time when you go to use a porta potty, there will be no toilet paper. Always ALWAYS bring your own. True story… I learned that lesson the hard way.

4. You will inevitably feel like you are going to shit yourself. You may get your fueling and race prep right 99% of the time, but there will be a time when things are a little off and it will make for a shitty run (pun absolutely intended).

5. No matter how hard you try to keep up with pedicures, you feet will look like hell by the end of your training. And if you keep up your mileage after training, you are doomed to have awful looking feet for life.

6. Speaking of feet, if you do not trim your toenails all the effing time, you are guaranteed to get cuts, blisters, black toenails or all of the above.

7. All the craziness aside, there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line of a race. The sense of pride and accomplishment is unlike anything I have felt before. The feeling makes numbers 1-6 worth it.

Do you have anything to add? What are some things no one told you about running before you started?


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16 responses to “7 things you never wanted to know about running

  1. #4 is the story of my life. I started carrying my phone with me just in case I had an accident on a run and needed someone to pick me up. And then I decided the safety aspect was good too. But mostly in case of poop.

  2. susan

    No matter how cute your running outfit is, there will ALWAYS be someone else with a cuter outfit!

  3. Yeeeeessss!! Oh running, she is a cruel mistress. My feet will never be pretty ever again. Calluses, toenails that are in a constant cycle of growing back after falling off, blisters and dry skin. Sandal season is so not my friend. How about the total loss of dignity while running? You are sweaty, out of breath, burping, farting, trying not to puke or shit yourself…yeah and we keep doing this to ourselves lol

    • SERIOUSLY?! Why the heck do we do this to ourselves. Oh yeah, for the shiny medal! Race bling is SO worth it!

      • If bling is your main motivator, how about you enter the lottery for the nike women’s marathon sf in Oct with me, and if we get in, we get Tiffany’s necklaces! Details on my blog, group ID will help our odds! Happygirlsareprettygirls.blogspot.com

        • Oh girl. I have had my eye on that race for forever!! I want to do it sooo bad. It always falls on the same weekend as our anniversary getaway so I have never tried to get in. I’ll have to check the dates for this year!!

  4. haha, I never have the pedicure problem. I can run a marathon and still have awesome toenails. So, I’m pretty sure that has everything to do with the shoes you wear. But I do get callouses. Oh, and I get the toenail digging into another toe and then having a completely bloody sock. That’s fun. You think you’re dying until you can’t even find the cut.

  5. i spent so many years constipated. if only i’d known about running then. lol

  6. #4 is a constant fear in the back of my mind! (sorry TMI, but we are all runners here….)

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