THE Race OutfitS!!!

Tonight’s workout:
Biked 14.6 miles in 1 hour

Wednesday is cross training day over at Skipping In Seattle. It is no secret that my favorite cross training is working my abs, but today, I opted to do something I haven’t done in a while. I rode the bike!

I kept it a fairly easy pace with some mini ‘sprints’ here and there. Well, as much of a sprint as you can do with a recumbent bike. When we buy a house and I have my own exercise room (A girl can dream!), I am SO getting a spin bike. Oh how I miss spin already, bruised crotch and all.


Well, ladies and gents… I have officially purchased my race outfits!! Yes, that is outfits, as in plural. I have already ordered both my RnR San Diego AND my RnR Seattle outfits!!! Insert loud cheers.

Rock n Roll SD:

Recently, a friend gave my a Lululemon gift card for helping her out. It was so incredibly sweet, and since I am a Lulu virgin, I was SO excited. Not gonna lie though, I was a little intimidated. There are SO many things to choose, I didn’t know where to start. Immediately I went the best source there is… Rebecca @ LuluRunnerLove. After getting some fabulous advice, I decided to go with a Lulu staple… The CRB. I’m not too proud to admit that it took me way too long to figure out that CRB stood for Cool Racerback.

Anyways, I decided on this beauty:


And what could go better with this than some SPARKLE?! Yes, that’s right, I finally caved and ordered, not one, but TWO Team Sparkle Skirts!!!



I still can’t decide which skirt looks better with the top. Help me decide!! P.S. I have been told that the Gunmetal Sparkle skirt is a much darker gray in person.


What’s a girl to do?!

Rock N Roll Seattle:

This race is basically going to be a big blogger meetup. I am SO excited. In true blogger fashion, a big group of us decided we wanted to all be super obnoxious match. Enter Tri Girl.

Holy moly this girl is amazing. She designed shirts for all of us to wear!! Check this out! How adorable are these!!





Adorable, right?!?!

So the catch with deciding on my skirt delimma is that whatever skirt I don’t wear to SD, I will wear to Seattle!


Oh, and I fully plan on buying some of the Sweat Pink Shoe Laces for both races!!

So, there they are in all their glory. My half mary outfits!! Now, help a girl out… What combos should I wear?!



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11 responses to “THE Race OutfitS!!!

  1. Oh, thanks for the shout out! YOU are awesome! And, don’t buy shoelaces; I have some for ya!

  2. Bente

    I like the silver/gray with the CRB- but you’ll have to see when you have both items together. Love, love running in the CRB! Pretty much the staple of all my runs. So excited for you!

  3. LOVE the blogger shirts, how do I get in on that action :). I assume you saw that Tall Mom is planning a massive meetup for RnR Seattle too right?! I think you should go with the grey for San Diego since the top is more colorful and pink for Seattle! Sparkle shirts are awesome…I need to invest in one ASAP!

  4. Haha I love how you already have your outfits picked out! I haven’t decided on anything for my upcoming half….but it is purely weather dependent. Could be gorgeous or it could be cold! I like the lululemon tank with the grey skirt and the blogger shirt with the pink one 🙂

  5. Pretty shirts and yay sparkles!! The gunmetal is darker — I wore it for my marathon. I like the grey for the first and pink for the 2nd 🙂

  6. I’m confusing the matter, because I like the pink skirt for San Diego. Not only do I like the colors together that way, but I always feel like things that look good in a SoCal/Florida sort of light feel garish in Seattle grey. Like when I buy things on vacation then wonder “did my gothy brain get taken over by a sunny disposition or something?” But maybe you’re going for garish? God knows I am if I get to play, LOL!!!

    But, of course, I’ve been coveting the grey one for Seattle too, assuming the doctor lets me run/walk/crawl the race. And since I SOMEHOW hadn’t heard about this group *hint, hint* I should at least get to be matchy on the bottom half.

    Love it either way! I clicked faster than the speed of sound when I saw your post title. Yay race outfits!!!

  7. Sam

    I love both of those outfits!! So stinking cute!! I love the colors on that razerback! I like the blogger shirt with the pink skirt because the skirt will help the shirt pop of color. The grey shirt for the lulu shirt because it already has such a cute design!

    You are going to kick butt at those races!

  8. I love your outfits! I totally think the pink skirt goes better with the Lulu top, it totally matches those flowers! I love that silver skirt though, it looks like you’re a rock star! Did you post about next Saturday? Can you send me details???

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