RnR San Diego Training: Week 7

I just want to start by saying YOU GUYS FREAKING ROCK!!! More on that later….


For the most part, last week was absolutely STELLAR when it comes to my training. That is, until my long run flops that you can read about here. This is how it went down:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Ran 4 miles (3×1 mile repeats, finished up til I hit 4 miles even) in 41:29 (10:22 pace), Biked 1 cool down mile
Wednesday: Biked 14.6 miles in 1 hour
Thursday: Ran 3.07 miles in 34:51 (11:21 pace)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3 miles in 35:11 (LR flop #1 – 11:44 pace)
Sunday: 5 miles in 59:36 (LR flop #2 – 11:55 pace)


Total Mileage for week 7: 15 miles Ran and 15.6 miles biked

You can even tell in the pacing that my body was just not cooperating with me this weekend…

Thanks so much for all of our kind words on my last post. You guys are giving me the confidence that I CAN do this even if I have had a few bonked long runs. My training plan calls for 6 miles on Thursday and 10 this weekend, so I think I am just going to stick to my plan and not stress so much. The more I stress about it, the more pressure it puts on me, and the bigger chance there is of my stomach not cooperating. I need to remember that if I have to adjust my goals, it is NOT the end of the world. I just need to go out there and have fun. Plus, I will be running half of my LR with people this week which automatically makes it 49835793845 times more awesome.

OH and this week also calls for some Yasso 800s! I have never done them before, so I am kind of REALLY excited about it. That will be on Tuesday.

In totally unrelated news, my lulu top came in the mail!!!! I am SO glad I ordered the size I did. I ALMOST ordered an 8 because that was a Medium, but I ended up ordering a 6. ANY bigger and it would have been too big. VICTORYYYYYYY!

Johnny Drama, anyone?

So, all in all, not a bad week. I am SO looking forward to long run redemption on Saturday, though!



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4 responses to “RnR San Diego Training: Week 7

  1. Glad you are feeling better about it all!

  2. I think everyone has crappy training weeks, so put it behind you and onto this week! Running with a bunch of friends who happen to be runners will help you too! What top did you order? Do you not have a store near you?

    • I got a CRB. There is a store about a half mile away from where I work but I’m too lazy to walk there so I just ordered online hahaha. I think I’m kinda obsessed with lulu now though!! Uh ohhh! 🙂

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