The Post Where I’m a Downer

This weekend was super tough mentally for me. I had not one, but TWO long run flops, both for different reasons. It is making me start to feel VERY nervous for the races coming up.

Saturday, I set out for 10 miles and my legs felt like absolute lead. I was working 5x as hard as normal to go way slower. 3 miles in I called it quits in hopes of a better day Sunday.

Sunday, I set out for 10 miles and my stomach decided to act up from the get go. It was torture. I got 5 miles in before I had to quit in fear of shitting myself. At 4.98 miles I was running hunched over begging my stomach to cooperate until I hit the 5.0 mile marker. It did… Barely.

I have to admit, I am starting to freak out a bit. I only have 3 more long runs and one taper long run before the race. I should be in tip top shape right now but my long runs have not been reflecting that. I am giving it my all on those runs but the numbers disagree. I have only made it 8 miles once so far and I have made it to 6 a handful of times. That is not enough.

Dear body,
What the hell is wrong with you. I have been feeding you properly, giving you rest, and hydrating you. Why won’t you cooperate with me?! I know I ask a lot of you but sheesh… Stop being a little bitch.
Your Master

What do you do when your long runs start going down the shitter?

Do you try them over again during the week? I’m debating trying for 10 on Tuesday, but I don’t know if that’s smart or not. Ugh.

Please tell me I’m not gonna die in June.



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6 responses to “The Post Where I’m a Downer

  1. Oh no! I don’t know why our bodies like to mess with us just when we need them to cooperate! It doesn’t sound like you’re over-training…I haven’t ever tried a long run during the week, so I’m not sure what the right answer is. I guess I have no advice, I just came over to commiserate.

  2. You are most definitely not going to die in June. Your body is used to running half marathons, so just claim a bad running week and just try to follow your plan from here on out. I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to make up your 10 miler, you seem pretty good about getting your runs in and time on the pavement so missing one run isn’t going to ruin all your training. I have done a long run mid week after work and it’s kind of brutal…I wouldn’t recommend it 🙂 Maybe try for 6?

  3. I am self employed so have more control of my schedule than most, but I like to try getting my long run in earlier in the week so if I bonk it I can try it again without a bunch of pressure. The pressure makes my stomach do what yours did.

    But what do I know, I haven’t run more than a mile since April 5. *sulking*

    you’ll be fine. your body knows how to do this. I BELIEVE!!!

  4. You are NOT going to die in June. I promise. Though I HATE it when runs go bad, it’s such a confidence-buster. Don’t let it F with your mind! I’ve done long runs mid-week before, though it’s always a tough call if you’re doing another long run next weekend. Let’s dominate a long run on Saturday! You still have 3 more chances to rock it, and you WILL.

  5. You are not going to die. You will be ok. You might have to re-adjust your goals, but just relax and forget these runs. We all have them and they suck, but a couple bad runs is not the end-all in running. YOU WILL BE OK.

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