Miles and Margs!

Thank you SO much for all of your fabulous comments on my last post. I am still in complete and utter shock that I will be running Ragnar in just a couple short months. I am so stinkin excited!!


This past weekend, some FABULOUS lady bloggers and I met up in West Seattle for ‘Miles and Margs.’ We were set to run 5 miles (on Cinco de Mayo; how appropriate) and head to Cactus after. Since I needed to get some extra miles in, I headed out an hour early. I didn’t quite leave myself enough time, but I got 4.4 miles in before meeting up with the girls.

Zoe, Nicole, Rebecca, TriGirl, Allison, Erika and I all started running along Alki in the most perfect running conditions. It was BEAUTIFUL out. It was somewhere around 55 degrees and sunny. Perfection.

[Picture shamelessly stolen from Emily… it was too gorgeous not to share!]

I was able to keep up for about a mile or so, but fatigue started to catch up to me and I had to slow down. Rebecca stayed with me and we casually chatted and got our miles in. I got a total of 8.51 miles in along Alki (1.49 shy of how many I needed). It was time to head to Cactus to meet up with some other ladies, so I decided to finish my miles after. That turned out to be a fabulous decision because my last 1.5 margarita fueled miles felt FANTASTIC.

Pensive Pumpkin, Robyn, and Emily met the rest of us at Cactus. We were able to get a huge table right away thanks to Pensive Pumpkin getting there RIGHT when they opened (thanks, girlie!). I immediately ordered a margarita chocolate milk. It was GLORIOUS. It was EXACTLY what my body wanted. THEN, I ordered my marg. 🙂

(All the girls. Emily, Pensive Pumpkin, Robyn, Nicole, Zoe, Allison, Rebecca, Me, TriGirl, & Erika!)

I was SO incredibly excited because a local company called Run Pretty Far heard about our meetup and wanted to share some local runner love by sending us some goodies. I kept it on the down low so that it would be a fun surprise for everyone. Just look at all the goodies they sent!


Everyone got arm sleeves, a headband/bandana, and a sticker that said “Run Long & Eat More Cake.”


I LOVEEE my arm sleeves. I plan on REALLY testing them out this weekend on my long run since it is supposed to start out a little chilly and get HOT. I plan on wearing them to Rock N Roll SD because last year it was so cold at the beginning.

Thanks so much Run Pretty Far! You made a lot of bloggers extremely happy!

We all had such a fabulous time chatting and getting to know each other. We absolutely need to do this more often. I can’t wait for the next one! It will probably be right before RnR Seattle!!


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13 responses to “Miles and Margs!

  1. Oh…you got swag!! So bummed I missed this :). I’m pretty sure miles and margs is the next big thing and everyone around the country will be partaking in this event soon!

  2. Thank you soo much for planning it! Let’s do it again SOON!!!

  3. That is so cool that you got some neat swag!

  4. It was sooo much fun!! I’ve been rockin my arm warmers and they are AWESOME!!!

    Just found out today that I will be out of town until about 3pm the day before RnRSEA. Hoping we can do a meetup that afternoon, maybe at the Expo? (my last hint worked, so why not try another, right? LOL)

  5. Sounds like a great time! I hope I can make the next one:)

  6. Wow I am so bummed I had to miss this! Next time!

  7. So jealous! Yay for me stalking new Seattle blogs! I need some more blogs to read and I’ll be trying whole heartedly to become a better runner lol!

  8. Yay for some awesome goodies!! I did your email subscription to my new email.. And it said you had 340 followers!! Dang girlfriend!! You are rocking this!!
    Glad you had an awesome meet up! I really want to do a meet up in my area but I have no idea how!
    ❤ Sam

  9. I am still talking about our super fun outing last weekend!!! Loved it and can’t wait to do it again soon! 🙂

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