RnR San Diego Training: Week 8 & 9

I’m a bit behind on my weekly training recaps, so I decided to combine weeks 8 & 9 into one post. So far, my training is by far the most consistent that I have ever had. Let’s hope that translates well on race day. 🙂

Week 8:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5x800s for a total of 4.6 miles
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 2.5 mile easy run (shins bothered me a little bit, so I took it easy on them)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10.03 mile long run along Alki with bloggy friends
Sunday: Rest

Total of 17.13 miles. Not too shabby at all.

Week 9:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest (personal things made me change my schedule)
Wednesday: Ran 8x400s for total of 3.13 miles; Biked 6 miles in 26:07
Thursday: rest
Friday: Ran 4.02 miles. 4th mile ran in 9:37 (I was feeling inspired thanks to Paula)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Walked in the SUN with hubs
Monday: 11.01 mile long run

Total of 18.16 miles ran for week 9. I had some stuff come up on Tuesday that caused me to completely shift my whole schedule around. It ended up working out well, but I had to do my long run after work on Monday. While 11 miles after work doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing in the world, it ended up being pretty decent.

I took several short breaks during my 11 mile long run because I was in the middle of cooking dinner. Also, at mile 7, I started getting pretty nauseous. I reflected on what I ate through the day and I realized that I did not consume nearly enough calories to sustain me through a long run. I ate dinner and was able to finish up the last 4 miles nice and strong after I got some food in my belly. It just goes to show how important it is to fuel your body right.

I have one more long run to complete this weekend. After I get my 12 miler in, the taper starts. I can’t believe I am 17 days away from running my 4th half mary. This training cycle has absolutely FLOWN by. Last year, I did a 10 week long training cycle. By the end of week 10, I had only ran 103.18 miles. This year, at the end of week 9, I have 124.54 miles under my belt. Yes, I’d say this has been some of my best training yet! Things have come up here and there, but I have tried my best to get my miles in.


How do you handle shifting your schedule around when other priorities in life come up?




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5 responses to “RnR San Diego Training: Week 8 & 9

  1. Great job the past 2 weeks and yay for almost taper time!!
    I have had to adjust a lot recently and try to just do my best and not worry too much (easier said than done!!)
    You are going to do great at the race!!

  2. you so do not want my answer- I just whine. LOL

  3. Wait, did you run loops around your house so that you could go back inside to prep dinner? That’s very strong! If I go IN my house midrun to use the bathroom or anything else, I don’t ever come back out to finish!

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