Lucky Number 10?!

Happy Friday everyone!! What a glorious Friday it is, too! A holiday weekend is ALWAYS a cause for celebration, but I got some news today that gives me even more of a reason to celebrate. I found out which leg I’m running for Ragnar Northwest Passage!




Did you figure it out?!

I’m runner 10!! Here is what I have waiting for me…

First leg (3.1 miles):


Second Leg (4.8 miles):


Final leg (5.8 miles):


The first leg should be easy enough. A relatively flat 5k. Then, things get interesting. My second leg is HILLY!!! The first 2.5 miles is an uphill climb. I can feel the burn just thinking about it. Luckily there is a nice downhill as well. The final leg will be the longest of the three. That makes me a bit nervous, but it looks like there will be some nice downhills, so hopefully that helps.

OMG I am so flipping excited. Time to solidify a training plan. I foresee lots of hill training in my future!

Hope you all enjoy a nice LONG weekend. And good luck to everyone who is racing!! Kick some major BOOTY!!

P.S. 9 days!!

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5 responses to “Lucky Number 10?!

  1. I’m running leg 5 at Ragnar. I hope I’ll bump into you up there! So excited for the race!

  2. jen

    How exciting. I was just asked to join a friends team today…..I don’t think I will even if she says they are just running for fun and have enough fast people to make up for the slower ones. I don’t think I am ready, but either way that looks like a blast.

  3. I can’t wait for Ragnar. Getting our leg assignments makes it seem much more real. 🙂

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