The Taper Monster

Holy moly the taper monster is here with a vengeance.


This weekend, my back started doing all kinds of weird things. On Sunday, I took a nap in a not so nice position on my side and woke up with a horrible kink in my upper back. Then yesterday, I scrubbed (and I mean SCRUBBED) our bathroom. All kinds of bending over and what not. I followed that up with more cleaning and a run. Because of that, my lower back is all jacked up now. It doesn’t help that I have scoliosis so I already have a messed up back as it is. Damn. I can feel it when I walk! Nothing is pinching, it is just tight! Nothin’ like feeling like you’re 80 years old when you’re only 24.


[That photo is completely irrelevant but I thought it was awesome.]

I just got done foam rolling the shit out of my whole body. My back feels slightly better. I went for a nice easy SLOW run. 3.5 miles in 40:39. It’s almost time to hop back on the foam roller. My muscles need to chill the eff out!

On top of back craziness, my brain is wiggin out. This is the first time I have EVER been nervous for a race. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing. Hopefully I can channel that nervous energy into something more positive come race day.


Whether I’m ready or not, only 1 more short training run and 5 days stand before me and RnR SD.

What do you do to combat the taper monster?!



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6 responses to “The Taper Monster

  1. I hope that your back gets better stat. There is nothing worse then having back pain.
    I am totally stealing your term “taper monster”. It is perfect because I admit, I turn into an absolute little monster when I am tapering. 🙂

  2. Ah back pain is never fun! Hopefully it’s feeling better now. I can totally understand your nervousness for your race…that was me on Sunday 🙂 Do you have any goals in mind for your half?

  3. YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK IT! HOpefuly it’s all just phantom pains and it’ll be gone pronto!

  4. I stole the taper monster too. Expect to see him on my blog. Without attribution. Because I will totally forget where I stole it from. LOL

    You are going to be great! I totally love the idea of waiting until race day to decide. Before I started running I never would have believed that a day could feel so different for no reason, but sometimes they do. I will be cheering for you!!!

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