Runners are a crazy bunch

Good news! My back is approximately one million times better today. It is still a little sore, but I am feelin’ GOOD. I attribute all of that to my beloved foam roller.

Last night, I took a crazy idea to the twitterverse and goodness gracious the response made me appreciate the running world.

Here was my question:


Yes, I am seriously obsessed. I thought I was alone in the world when it came to my obsession, but OH NO! Runners never disappoint.





You guys get me! You really get me!

I am not sure if I am going to have enough room in my carry on to bring it but goodness gracious I want to. If only I didn’t need to pack for a race AND vacation… It’s a tough life. 😉

What is the strangest thing you have ever carried on a plane?



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11 responses to “Runners are a crazy bunch

  1. I’ve never experienced “the stick.” I really have no idea what they’re talking about. I do use a foam roller though! It feels so good!

  2. I am so glad your back is better! Yahoo to the foam roller! I just went to a new chiro today who told me to foam roll religiously twice a day. So now I will get to pack mine to work with me and then back home at night. I might get some strange looks! Runners are funny, but I wouldn’t want to be anything else. 🙂

  3. TriGirl

    Yes, we get you! The hubby bought a short roller last year that fit in his carry on 🙂

  4. You definitely need to think about purchasing a stick! It’s smaller around then the foam roller and almost works better (in my opinion) then a foam roller. Plus, it’d be easier to fit into a suit case 🙂

  5. they do make the travel sized stick, but i totally pack my tiger tail in my luggage. if security asks, just offer to demonstrate on them! they stand all day on a concrete floor. i bet they are sore too.

  6. Haha, we are a crazy bunch! So excited for you to come back to SD after your time away. And if you need a foam roller, I’m happy to loan you mine :). Have a safe trip!

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