RnR SD: Race Expo

I am back from vacation!! I guess that means I owe you all a race recap… (It ended up being SO long that I had to break it up into two parts!!!)

For the first time ever, I am having an incredibly difficult time putting this race into words. I had such an amazing experience running this race. It definitely had its ups and downs, but I seriously want to come back and run this race every year.

First things first… I GOT A NEW PR!!! It is only a 1 minute PR, but I WILL TAKE IT! Ok, now let’s take a step back…

The Expo

Hubs and I arrived in San Diego at 9:30 am after an easy EARLY morning plane flight. We were pretty tired after only getting 3 hours of sleep but we were ready to go brave the expo. My in-laws picked us up from the airport and we were on our way!

[Sweating Pink on the airplane!]

We got to the expo and immediately started doing what we do best… Whoring it up for the camera.



After the photos were taken, we headed in and picked up our bibs and race swag. Then we got started on the FUN part… SHOPPING. I love big expos mostly because I love shopping. I ended up buying a fleece sweatshirt, a light jacket, and a 13.1 tech shirt. Mission accomplished.


By this point, my feet were already starting to hurt, but we still braved the vendor booths. Poor hubs thought we were done after the shopping portion. He had no idea there was a whole other area full of vendor booths. He is such a trooper. We walked around the vendor area for a while. On the way out, I spotted the Nuun booth. Of course, I had to stop and introduce myself to my Ragnar vanmate who was working the booth! Loved meeting you, Kim!

After the expo we headed to Mona Lisa Pizza, our absolute FAVORITE pizza place, for the best part of racing, CARBO LOADING. My mom and dad surprised hubs and me by showing up at lunch! It was such a fun surprise.


After eating lots of yummy food, we headed to hub’s parent’s house to get off our feet and get ready for the race!

Next up: Race Recap!!!



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4 responses to “RnR SD: Race Expo

  1. Congrats on the PR!

    I hope you got some Pinkberry while you were there. I spend my days lusting after it!

  2. Gah, I was hoping for a race recap! Guess I’ll come back tomorrow 🙂 Congratulations on the PR though!

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