Freaking Shins

If you have been following my blog for a long time, then you are well aware that I tend to get shin splints often. If you are new to my blog, then now you know that I tend to get shin splints often. 😉 They are nothing new to me and they started long before I started running. I would get them REALLY bad in my cheerleading days.

To my surprise, I managed to make it through all of my rock n roll training with zero shin pain. I thought I was in the clear for Ragnar, but my body had other plans. I woke up Saturday morning with freaking shin splints. Luckily, I have had them so many times so I am able to catch them early now. My brain is tuned in to any aches an pains in that region.

The pain is pretty mild right now, so I’m sure I’ll be totally fine for Ragnar. To play it safe, I rested this weekend. I spent my time compressing, icing, compressing and compressing some more. Zensah, I seriously love you.


Since I didn’t run like I had planned, I had some time to GO SHOPPING. I desperately had to finish buying my outfits for Ragnar. Two words: Mission Accomplished.


Target was neon and tacky patterned heaven!! I also picked up some sunscreen, athletic tape (in case my shins keep bothering me) and neon pink nail polish. The only thing I have left to buy is junk food! I’ll do that later this week.

4 days babyyyy!!!!

Big BIG congrats to Erika who completed her first half ironman this weekend!! Such a badass!



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11 responses to “Freaking Shins

  1. Outfits are super cute, I can’t wait to see you team photos! Have fun, hope the shins feel better (I too struggle with shin splints pretty terribly.)

  2. Recurring pains suck. I’m so glad you had a good plan that worked! I can’t wait to see and hear all about Ragnar…you’re going to look so cute when you kick that course’s butt!

  3. Those outfits are AWEsome and could also double for the time you finally see LMFAO in concert. Trust me. You’ll want to hold on to those for a loooong time. Hope those shins feel better!

  4. Boo to your shin splints! I havc never experienced them before, but they sound super painful. Luckily you were able to rest up and knew that you needed to back off and get some much needed rest. Your outfits for Ragnar are freaking AWESOME!!! I had bought some stuff at Target too and now I am even more bummed that I won’t get to wear it this weekend. You are going to look HOT!!!!!

  5. NG

    I’m sorry about your shin pain, but I’m so glad you posted about this because I am dealing with the same issue and trying to figure out how to fix the problem. I’ve never had posterior shin splints before but they’re not going away and I have had to convince myself to take a few days off to see if they’ll disappear. I’ve been icing and I ran a race this past weekend with KT tape, which definitely helped. But my main question is about the compression sleeves: I asked at a running store whether those would help (I’ve never used them before), and they said no. But are they working for you? I would love to know if those are the solution!

    • So sorry to hear about your shins! Yes, I have discovered that compression sleeves/socks work wonders on my shin splints. They don’t make them go away over night, but I wore my sleeves all weekend and my shins are already feeling much MUCH better. The best things to do are to REST (pushing yourself by running will definitely make it worse), ice, and compress! If they are really bad, then I also recommend going to the chiropractor. I have had TONS of luck with the chiropractor doing an ultrasound on my shins. That made my pain go almost completely away practically immediately. Good luck and be sure to stop by and let me know what worked for you!!!

  6. I got those same pink leopard print shorts and those same pink zebra socks for Ragnar! 🙂 GET BETTER SHINS!!!

  7. Blech. I hate shins. They are mean!

    Let’s get better soon! i almost bought some neon orange leopard print shorts at Target, but they showed butt cheek, so I decided against it!!!!

  8. What is it about tacky neon print that is so wonderful in workout clothes???

    I wish you speedy recovery from the shin splints and an awesome Ragnar!

  9. So sorry about the shin pain. I think it is usually a cause of over-training or worn out/wrong shoes. I know that when my shoes start to wear our, I get shin splints. Have you been to a running store to get your running evaluated recently? It might be worth a shot to go check.
    The outfits are amazing! I can’t wait to see pictures

  10. I love those outfits!!! Too cute!

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