Packing for Ragnar

It has been quite interesting figuring out what to pack for Ragnar. I have never ran a race like this before and I am terrified of being “that girl” who packs way too much crap. I over pack for every event. With such limited space in the vans, I am trying my best to keep things under control. Luckily some awesome running buds like this lady and this lady have helped give me all kinds of Ragnar advice. Between them and some research online, I think I finally have my packing nearly complete.
Relay Race Packing MUST HAVES:

– Race clothes: Have one outfit for each leg of the race. Store each outfit in its own gallon sized ziploc baggie. It will keep the stink out as well as keep things organized in your bag. I labeled each ziploc baggie with the leg number that my outfit is for.


– Baby Wipes. When you run you sweat. Duh. When you sweat you stink. Double duh. Being stinky and trapped in a van with 5 other sweaty, stinky ladies and one poor driver is not the most desirable thing in the world. I am hoping these baby wipes save my life so I don’t offend my running buddies with my stank.

– Other toiletries: travel toothbrush, deodorant, extra hair tie, bobby pins, sunscreen.


– Snacks: I am bringing gummy bears, chips, beef jerky, and some other candy.


– Race fuel: I am bringing sport beans and a handheld water bottle to carry my Nuun. Since my legs are fairly short, I don’t think I will need my full fuel belt. That will save some room.

– Race gear: Headphones, Garmin, Shoes, Running jacket (in case weather is cold), SPI Belt (to carry phone during legs), Road ID.

– Comfy clothes: In between legs, comfort will be key. I am packing sweats, shorts, flip flops, Toms (so I can wear my compression socks), sweatshirt, extra sports bra (I refuse to put a real bra on between legs), underwear, compression socks, Aspaeris Magic Pants, etc.


– Car charger for your cellphone

– Blanket and towel. One to catch some shut eye. The other to catch some sweat.

-Toys! It is a freaking relay race that will last around 30 hours! You gotta be prepared to have fun!


I can’t believe I fit everything into one bag. It’s a miracle.

Am I forgetting anything critical on this list?!



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7 responses to “Packing for Ragnar

  1. Um ya, you’re forgetting me! This looks like a blast!! Can’t wait to see the recap! Have fun!!!

  2. Looks like you have everything covered!! And I agree with you…relays are no place for REAL bras…sports bras all the way…I think I have like 5 packed 🙂

  3. This is funny because I pretty much wrote this identical post last night after I finished packing! SO EXCITED ITS FINALLY HERE! You guys are going to have a blast. I hope we do too and my husband doesn’t want to kill me for putting him through this!

  4. Yeah! This look like so much fun! Good luck!


  5. It looks like you are more than prepared and very organized! When I did HTC last year I didn’t even know the names of my teammates until the day before. I couldn’t sleep a couple of days prior because I was afraid that I would be “that girl” that massively over packed. Luckily I wasn’t, but did learn the zip loc bag trick which will come in handy for you.

  6. Sarah

    I ran my first Ragnar in May (Cape Cod) and it was so much fun! You seem like you have everything you need! My only suggestion goes along with the toys you mentioned – don’t forget washable markers so you can decorate your van! My van also wished we thought to bring an iPod aux cable or converter so we could listen to our own music instead of the radio, but that’s not too essential. Have fun and enjoy the craziness!

  7. Great packing list! I’m so excited to read the recap! You will all have a great time!

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