Ragnar Recap Part 2: Gummy bears… ATTACK!

The best part about Ragnar is that you could be in a van with total strangers but by the time night time rolls around, you are instant BFFs. The delirium sets in and every single thing becomes hilarious. For instance:

1. A 5lb bag of gummy bears is AWESOME, but hiding from your runner and chucking said gummy bears at her while she passes by is downright HILARIOUS.


[Megan will never see me hiding behind this stop sign]

[Gummy bears… ATTACK!!!]

2. Two words… Seagull fishing. Please tell me I’m not the only one that has heard of this. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry, a full explanation will be coming soon!

3. Nuun tramp stamp tattoos. ‘Nuf said.


Srsly. Pure comedy. Anywhoooo…

After Megan finished her first leg, it was time for van 2 to have a break. We headed to Red Robin for some dinner. After din, we headed to the next exchange and tried to get some sleep. Key word: tried. I didn’t end up sleeping a wink. I think I was too excited and anxious for my night leg.


My second leg was going to be tough. It was 4.8 miles through Anacortes, 2.5 of which was uphill practically the whole way. I was nervous about it. Since my run started at about 3:30 am, it was going to be dark the whole time. This fact also made me nervous. Luckily, our seriously kick ass driver, Tyler, ran with me. Srlsy, huge big major super-sized thanks to Tyler for running with me!

Even though it was dark, there were always runners in sight but having someone run with you just put your mind at ease. Plus, he chatted a lot which srsly helped keep me distracted from how bad the hills were kicking my ass. Note to self: the hills are WAY worse than advertised on the elevation chart.

As Tyler and I were running, our van peeps would periodically stop on the road and proceed to serenade us with the song ‘Red Solo Cup.’ At 4 o’clock in the morning, there are few things more entertaining than hearing Kim singing Red Solo Cup at the top of her lungs in a residential neighborhood. Instant classic.

After climbing up a ridiculous hill to the finish, I handed off the orange slap bracelet to Dawn and she started making her way toward Deception pass. She literally brought us the light!

[Just look at how happy she is!]

Our van also stopped to take in the Deception Pass beauty.

[Tyler, Me, and Megan]

[My super bright neon 2nd leg outfit that no one could see because it was too dark outside.]

After our night legs, we headed to the next major exchange and FINALLY got some sleep. It is amazing what 90 minutes of sleep can do to rejuvenate your body!

Up next: Stacie fishing, back spasms, and bubbles



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6 responses to “Ragnar Recap Part 2: Gummy bears… ATTACK!

  1. Being in van 2 makes it harder to get real sleep I think. I’m so jealous you got to see deception pass! It was pitch black when we went through. 😦 I like attacking gummi bears…

  2. The relay sounds like so much fun! Minus the not sleeping at all part and running in the dark, haha. Where did all of your vowels go in the word seriously?! Please bring them back 😉

  3. Attacking gummi bears is hilarious and those tramp stamps are EPIC. 🙂

  4. This looks like so much fun! I want to do a Ragnar!


  5. Oh my gosh!!! I love love love your recaps!! Seriously makes me wish I was there… Aside from the whole running thing!! ❤

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